Center Township property owners pay lowest tax rate

PRINCETON — Indiana's Department of Local Government Finance has approved 2019 property tax rates, which show that Center Township property owners will pay the lowest rate in the county.

DLGF reported this week that the rates, which are applied per $100 of assessed valuation of property throughout the county, are approved for the spring and fall tax collections.

According to the data, Center Township residents (outside Francisco) will pay $1.54 per $100 AV, five cents less than in 2018. The highest property tax rate in the county is the $3.73 per $100 AV that Princeton residents pay. That rate is up by 9 cents according to the DLGF (rounded up to the nearest penny). Patoka Township residents outside of Princeton will pay $2.40 per $100 AV, up 7 cents from 2018.

The total tax rate is determined by adding the rates levied by all of the taxing entities within an area.

Everyone who owns property in Gibson County pays the 60 cents per $100 AV rate levied by Gibson County government and the 6.6-cent rate levied by Gibson County Solid Waste Management District, plus rates levied by schools and other local government entities.

The 2019 DLGF budget order for all of the county's taxing entities shows that some townships, including Patoka Township, had rates that were cut due to increased assessed valuation. Patoka Township government's 2019 tax rate is less than a penny per $100 AV for general fund and township assistance needs, while Union Township's tax rate is 13 cents per $100 AV for the township's general fund, township assistance, fire department and recreation.

The City of Princeton's tax rate (for general fund, debt service, fire and police pensions, roads, parks and recreation, cumulative capital development, fire territory and fire equipment) totals slightly less than $1.68 per $100 AV, while Oakland City's civil city rate is $1.65 for various funds. The Town of Fort Branch's rate is 52 cents; Francisco's rate is just under 84 cents; Haubstadt's rate is 79 cents; Hazleton's rate is 70 cents; Mackey's rate is just under 85 cents; Owensville's rate is $1.94; Patoka's rate is 29 cents and Somerville's rate is 14 cents.

Among the county's three school districts, East Gibson School Corporation's rate is 81 cents per $100 AV, North Gibson's rate is $1.29 and South Gibson's rate is just under 82 cents.

The county's five library districts also levy taxes. Oakland City-Columbia Twp. Library's rate is just under 17 cents, Owensville Carnegie Library's rate is 4 cents, Fort Branch-Johnson Township Library's rate is 9 cents and Princeton-Patoka Twp. Public Library's rate is 8.5 cents.

The only fire department which has a tax rate levied outside of a civil city or town's rate is Owensville-Montgomery Township Fire District, which has a rate of 7 cents.

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