Public notice is hereby given to affected property owners pursuant to 170 IAC 4-9-4(f) that within two (2) to six (6) weeks of the date of this notice, weather permitting, Duke Energy Indiana, LLC will be performing vegetation management as part of its power line maintenance program in the area described below. As part of this project, one of its qualified contractors will be applying EPA approved and registered herbicides to control vegetation that may interfere with the safe operation and maintenance of power lines. This vegetation management will be performed in/near city of Princeton on or near streets identified below:

Beginning at the substation on Blaine Ave, move west to Jefferson Ave, continue approx. .05 miles, then north approx. .10 miles merge with Virgil Blvd, following Virgil Blvd N, merge into S 1st St, continue N. Continue N approx. .05 miles when S 1st St ends, then NE approx. .10 miles, merge w/Hall St N to W Broadway St, W ending near N Center St.

Back at Broadway St, NW on Glass/Railroad St to Embree St, N to Mill St, W to Brown St, ending near 433 Brown St.

Back Embree St & Mill St, W on Mill St approx. .05 miles, N approx. .05 miles, E approx. .01 miles to Embree St, N to Warnock St, E to N 2nd St, S to W Oak St, E to N Hart S, ending near 611 N Hart St.

Back to Embree St & Warnock St, continue N on Embree St to Forest Park Dr, W approx. .15 miles, then S approx. .10 miles, SE approx. .05 miles.

Back on Embree continue N to N Old Hwy 41, W approx. .05 miles & E approx. .10 miles

Back to Embree, N continue N on 100 W approx. .05 miles, then E approx. .10 miles. W on Co Rd 100 N @ Embree St, ending near 1309 Lyles Station Rd.

N on N Old Hwy 41 @ Co Rd 100 N, to Co Rd 225 N, E to Co Rd 75 W, S ending near 1860 N 100 W.

Back to N Old Hwy 41 & Co Rd 225 N, continue N on N Old Hwy 41, E on Co Rd 300 N, S on Co Rd 75 W, on Apache Dr

Back heading N on Old Hwy 41, just past River Rd, W approx. .05 miles, N approx. .10 miles merge with Town Hall St, N to Grave St

W on Grave St, approx. .05 miles past West St intersection, S approx. .25 miles & N approx. .15 miles

E on Grave St, to N Old Hwy 41, N to Spring St, E to Mill St, N to Cross St

Back to N Old Hwy 41 N to W Vine St, W approx. .05 miles, N approx. .20 miles

The date this notice is published initiates the two (2) week period for calculating implied consent by an affected property owner under 170 IAC 4-9. If you have any questions you may contact the Duke Energy Vegetation Management toll free number, 866-385-3675.

Duke Energy Indiana, LLC

Vegetation Management Department



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