Public notice is hereby given to affected property owners pursuant to 170 IAC 4-9-4(f) that within two (2) to six (6) weeks of the date of this notice, weather permitting, Duke Energy Indiana, LLC will be performing vegetation management as part of its power line maintenance program in the area described below. As part of this project, one of its qualified contractors will be applying EPA approved and registered herbicides to control vegetation that may interfere with the safe operation and maintenance of power lines. This vegetation management will be performed in/near the towns of Elberfeld, Lynnville, Oakland City, Spurgeon, and Winslow on or near streets identified below:

Country Mark Energy Resources LLC: DIR 775 S W NS 0.2 mi W S 50 E; DIR Field Rd ES 0.2 mi S S 50 E

Town of Spurgeon: DIR 8th St Ash St; DIR Park St WS 0.5 mi N Short St; DIR SR 61 end 900 S, 6875

DIR 5th St: Gen Baptist Pars

DIR 900 S E: Krohn

DIR 900 S E Blackfoot Rd: Oxby; Sweeney

DIR 900 S E Pine Lake: Juncker; Roth

DIR 900 S E SR 61: Triad Mining LLC

DIR 900 S E SEC Pine Lake Recreation: Ramsey

DIR 900 S W SS 2.2 mi W Hwy 61: Pioneer Oil Co INC

DIR Mining Rd S of E 900 S NS 1.5 mi W Hwy 61: Shakespeare Oil Company INC

DIR Private Rd 150 W S SS 0 ft S 900 S: Fisher

DIR RR 2: Pike County Government Pike

DIR RR 3: Vinnedge

DIR RR 3 450 S: Bachman

DIR SR 61: Barclay; Spurgeon Regular Baptist Church; US Postal Service

DIR US Hwy 61 WS 0.5 mi S E 800 S: A W & W Railway

50 E S: 6792-7091

100 E S: 7080-7273

275 S E: 13189-13189

450 S E: 12842-12842

650 S E: 885-885

675 S E: 14-14

700 S E: 626-907

775 S E: 587-676

775 S W: 163-480

775 W S: 842-842

900 S E: 46-1216

900 S W: 17-1819

925 S W: 1600-1600

1100 S E: 1076-1242

1150 S E: 924-970

2nd St S: 190-190

3rd St E: 1038-1158

5th St: 1055-1156

6th St E: 1300-1300

8th St: 1108-1155

9th St E: 1135-1135

Ash St S: 11326-11386

Division St S: 6942-6942

Dougan St: 11095-11175

Fredonia Rd: 1188-1367

Fredonia Rd E: 1187-1317

Gore Rd: 13488-13811

Hwy 61 S: 11238-11667

Jordan St E: 1060-1060

Jordon St E: 1070-1070

Log Creek Rd: 955-1011

Main St: 1098-1174

Maple St S: 11427-11427

Meridian Rd: 7858-7858

Meridian Rd S: 6430-11553

Private Rd 150 W S: 9193-9221

Private Rd 925 S W: 339-1527

Spurgeon Dougan St S: 11021-11125

Spurgeon Public Rd S: 11060-11182

Spurgeon Rd: 13511-13600

Spurgeon School St E: 1147-1147

SR 61: 11209-15022

SR 61 N: 15100-15222

SR 61 S: 7028-12241

State Route 61 N: 15677-15677

The date this notice is published initiates the two (2) week period for calculating implied consent by an affected property owner under 170 IAC 4-9. If you have any questions you may contact the Duke Energy Vegetation Management toll free number, 866-385-3675.

Duke Energy Indiana, LLC

Vegetation Management Department



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