Details for Notice of Public Hearing Regarding Proposed Vacation of Alleyway Notice

Notice of Public Hearing Regarding Proposed Vacation of Alleyway

Notice is hereby given that the Town of Haubstadt (hereinafter “Town”) will conduct a public hearing on Monday, July 24, 2017 at 6 p.m. regarding a request to vacate a public alleyway, which was filed by Alva Rostron and Elizabeth Rostron. The public hearing will be held at Town Hall, which is located at 101 S. Main Street, Haubstadt, Indiana 47639. The Rostrons own property located at 206 S. West Street, Haubstadt, Indiana 47639. The Rostrons propose vacating the alley that is on the north side of the Rostrons’ property. The alleyway runs east and west off of S. West Street. The portion that the Rostrons request to vacate would be less than 135 feet in length from the Rostrons’ northwest property line.

The procedure for vacating of public alleyways is codified at Indiana Code 36-7-3-12 (et seq.). This notice is published in accordance with Indiana Code 5-3-1.

Any person aggrieved by this proposed action (the vacating of the alleyway) may remonstrate (object) on the grounds provided in Indiana Code 36-7-3-13. Remonstrators should communicate their objection either at the public hearing or in writing submitted beforehand via email to

PDC June 29, 2017 hspaxlp


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