Details for Public Notice Intent to Mine In accordance with Indiana Administrative


Public Notice Intent to Mine

In accordance with Indiana Administrative Code 312 IAC 25-4-109, Peabody Midwest Mining, LLC, 566 Dickeyville Rd. Lynnville, Indiana 47619 herewith provides public notice of application for a permit to conduct underground coal mining operations at the Francisco Mine, Underground Pit. This application addresses an amendment to the existing permit, and is identified as #U-00023-4. The permit area is located northwest of Francisco and east of Princeton, Indiana, and is described as follows:

The SE ¼, E ½ and portions of W ½ of the NE ¼, Section 33; Section 34 excepting the E ½ of the NE ¼ of NE ¼ ; The S ½ of SE ¼ , S ½ of SW ¼ , NW ¼ of SW ¼ and portions of the NE ¼ SW ¼, Portions of the SW ¼ of NW ¼ Section 35 T1S R10W; The SW ¼ , SW ¼ of the SE ¼, and portions of the SW ¼ of the NW ¼ Section 1; Section 2, Section 3, The E ½ , portions of the NE ¼ of SW ¼ and portions of the E ½ of the NW ¼ Section 4; The E ½ Section 9; Section 10; Section 11; The W ½ , NW ¼ of NE ¼, W ½ of SW ¼ of NE ¼, W ½ of NW ¼ of SE ¼ Section 12; The N ½ of NW ¼ and portions of the S ½ of NW ¼ and the SW ¼ Section 13; Section 14; Section 15; portions of the E ½ of NE ¼ and portions of the SE ¼ of Section 16; The E ½ of NE ¼ of NE ¼ Section 21; The North ½, E ½ of SE ¼ and portions of the NE ¼ of NW ¼ of SW ¼ Section 22; Section 23; The NW ¼, NW ¼ of SW ¼ and portions of the NE ¼ and SW ¼ of SW 1/4 Section 24; Portions of the NW ¼ of NW ¼ and W ½ of NE ¼ of NW ¼ Section 26 all in T2S R10W. All the above being located in Center and Patoka Townships of Gibson County, Indiana.

Property owners within the permit area include: American Land Holdings of Indiana, LLC, Norfolk Southern Railroad, Barbara Coleman Trust, Martha Johnson Trust, David & Jill Larson, Vesper Moore Trust, Pinkston Family Farmily Farm LLC, Phoenix Land LLC, Rick & Mary Bruce, Kreig & Pamela Christy, Matthew & Amanda Dewig, Fred & Krista Hadley, Jaymie Mays, Brad & Brenda McCandless, Michael & Gail Riedford, James & Vicki Schupp, Rita Speedy, Wyatt Thompson, Travis Thompson, Charles & Cynthia Wheeler Trust, David & Donna White, McConnell Farmland LLC, William Adams, Patricia Blaize, Thomas & Deborah Blanton, David & Stephanie Brown, Robert Hadley, Kurt & Kim James, Marion Koberstein, Todd & Debra McConnell, Donald McConnell, John & Randie Merry, Nora & Beth Ann Nixon / Walden, Ritchie & Gayle Patel, Mathew & Alyssa Pierce, Becky Richeson, James & Cathy Schupp, George & Daphne Smith, Daphne Smith, James & Toni Walden, David & Mary Weber, David & Mary Weber, Kerry & Barbara Wilhite, Stanley & Paulette Young, McEllhiney Family Partnership LP, Donald McConnell, Donald & Sally McConnell, Janet & Kay Robinson/Parke, Nathan & Alissa Tooley, Kanda Walden, Gina Hill, Michael & Phyllis McConnell, Stanley Michel, Therne Scott, Velda Boenitz Trust, Ruth Dunning Trust, Mary Henderson, Christopher & Kalyn Nossett, Clinton Page, Paul & Rosellyn Potts, Ruby Resler Life Estate, Larry & Myra Robling, George Schupp Trust, Harlan Scott, Cheryl Siekman, Robert Sloan, Tristate Hgts Chapel Memorial, Tristate Gibson Water Inc., H & S Land LLC, Kyle & Brooke Schafer, Clifford & Sandra Barrett, Virgil & Shirley Bartley, Richard & Velma Beard, Chad Begle, Michael & Tamara Brown, Christopher Burton,Casey Caringer, Kenneth & Peggy Christy, Kelly & Lisa Christy, Robert & Patsy Cloin, Timothy & Mary Coomer, Mark Couch, Patrick Craven, Patrick & Joella Craven, Haskell & Robin Davis, Matthew Deputy, Samantha Devasier, Ruth Dunning, John & Ruth Dyer, Zachary Edwards, Debra Elaman, Anthony & Joyce Friedman, Anthony & Shannon Friedman, Justin Gillihan, William & Cathy Gordon, Justin Graham, Darrin & Sandra Greubel, Marvin Grubb, Thomas & Ruth Hackler, Steven Hale, Carl & Leslie Harrison, Terry Hedges, Terry & Patricia Hedges, Hovey & Pattilyn Hedges/Haggard, Rebecca Heldt, C Lewis Houseknecht Trust, Gary & Judith Hudson, Patrick & Beth Hutchinson, Harold & Patricia Kermode, Richard & Sharon/Roy Knight/Brown Life Estate Trust, Jeffrey Koberstein, Timothy & Julia Koberstein, Chase & Rachel Lankford, Bobby & Neena Livermore, Michael & Darlene Lutz, Bobbi & Donna Lynch, Christopher Mackay, William & Kelli Mayer, Patrick McConnell, Robert & Thelma McDonald, Mary McDowell, Brett & Sharon Meier, Nicholas & Peggy Michas, Jason & Lisa Montgomery, Teresa Morrison, Johnny & Mary Muncy, Mark & Teresa Myers, Alvin & Dianna Neidigh Trust, Darwin Jr & Marietta Nelson, Ronald & Susan Parke, Dana Annette Rice, Denny & Linda Richard, David Rister, David & Tricia Rister, Michael Scott Etal, Erin Sharma, David & Lisa Sinkhorn, Troy & Elaine Smith, James & Margaret Smith, Joe Smith, Kristen Smith, Thadeus & Bryna Smith, Stacy Snyder, Michael & Elizabeth Stilwell, Dennis II & Theresa Turpin, Jerry West, Dennis & Marilyn West, Mary Ann White, Donald & Wanda Whitehead, Joseph & Jana Williams, Marion Woods, Alan & Tiffany York, Jason Young, George & Kristi Akers, David Fritz, Quentin Higar, Taylor Hunt, Keith & Susan Matthews, Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Cooperative Inc., Fairview Presbyterian Church, Robert & Helen Duncan, Robert Jr & Helen Duncan Trust, Timothy Goad, Timothy & Margaret Goad Life Estate, Paul & Dora Hathaway, Chad & Amy Klusmeier, Merle & Darlene Koberstein, Richard Mahan, Richard & Monica Mahan Trust, Gerald & Karen Osman, Richard & Jeanie Ott, Scott & Kimberly Schafer, Larry & Diana Schafer, Vivian Townsend, Roger Townsend Trust, Roger & Vivian Townsend Trust, Richard & Sue Vernier, Carl & Patsy Wallace, Aaron & Angela Wallace, David & Beatrice Walters, Ritchie Wilkinson, Robert & Jane Williams, Jerry & Sara Wise, TMMI Inc., State of Indiana, Neyhouse Family Limited Partnership, Bill Fithian, Wayne & Imolee Hopkins, Carolyn Hull, Barry Hull, Robert & Kay McCandless, Daniel Wright, Dudley Wright Trust, Wiper Corporation, Roy & Mary Woods Farm Partnership, Page Family Farms Inc., Highway 64 Recycling LLC, Gregory & Mary Auburn, Danny & Tera Bailey, Robert & Tracey Bender, Frederick & Barbara Bender Trust, Shawn Brown, Mark & Pamela Collins, Michael & Terri Cross, Nicholas Davis, Christina & Jerri Dill/Carson, Roy Lynch, Kevin & Stephanie Malone, William & Judith Maxam, Annabelle McDonald, Ronald & Brenda Miley, Vicki Page, Kathy Ruark, Kent & Cori Schmits, Michael & Vickie Spindler, Arthur & Kelli Straw, Clyde Viers, Brenda Young, Dolores Zimmerman, Ronald & Lucretia Houchins, Stanley & Joyce Michel, James & Patsy Reneer, William & Goldia Steiner, Michael Sterczer Trust, Couch Farms LLC, George Hasselbrinck, Lesa & Tonia Stott, Lesa Stott, William & Victoria Stott, William & Kelly Stott, Asher & Brittany Alden, Antoinette Arnold Life Estate, Ann Beck, Nicolas & Lori Beloat, Todd & Angela Bryant, Thomas & Everett Coomer, Sylvia Crecelius Revocable Trust, Mac & Kathy Creek, Cheryl Denbo, Thomas Foster, William & Phyllis Gray, Robert & Victoria Heavrin, James & Jennifer Hoke, Doris Johnson Life Est., David & Chasity Kerr, Gregory Mason, Keith, Robin, & Matthew McQueen, Matthew Michel, Larry & Kimberly Miller, Jane Mizeur, Michael & Ashley O'Conner, Priscilla Oliver, Thomas & Kimberly Pinkston, Charles & Cheryle Presnal, Jarvis & Barbara Reed, Terry & Mary Robb, Gary & Terra Schmidt, Donna Sisson, Alan & Melanie Smith, Alan & Melanie/Elaine Smith/Elliot, John & Jeanne Stevens, James & Lisa Thompson, Scott & Susan Turpin, David Walker, Robert Wallace Revocable Trust, Harold & Patsy Watt, James & Lisa Watt, Chad & Audrey Watt, Karl & Dorothy Weber, Maymie Wells, Stephen & Catherine White/Kitchin, Dennis Whitehead, Thomas & Barbara Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Michael & Katherine Williams, David Williams, Mike & Rebecca Williams/Lafoe, Thomas & Glenda Wise, Peggy Wood, Ulysses & Carolyn Walden, Richard & Frances Barr, Wesley & Tina Clark, Harriet & Bradley Cundiff, David & Laura Dunn, John Dyer, Michael & Gloria Dyer, Matthew & Jill Embree, Zella & Frances Jaquess/Barr, Joe & Peggy Jenkins, Jeffrey & Teresa Koberstein, Josh Miley, Teresa Smith, James & Mary Sturgeon, Matthew Taylor, Steven Watt, R. Cargill Wilson Life Estate, Robert Townsend Land, LLC, James Crecelius Trust, Donald Hall, Cheryl Spore, Constance Townsend, Vivian Townsend Trust, Camp Fenneman LLC, David Beloat, Ralph & Martha Beloat, Walter & Mary Knopf, David McKinney, James & Bette McRoberts, Tristate Evansville YMCA Association, Jerry & Janice Campbell, Andrew & Angela Collins, Grady Davis, Dorothy Donohay, Patty Harden, Joe & Bonna Huey,Gary & Mary Pickens, Randolph & Patty Sollman, Darryl & Angela Sollman, Alan R. Brill, Alan Smith & Elaine Elliot, S. Arthur Coleman Trustee, Glen Mahan, Alan & Melanie Smith, Richard & Lillian Pinkston, Roy & Sharon Brown Trust, Michael McConnell, Randolph Sollman et al, Emily Burris et al., James McConnell, Rex & Branden Scott, James & Amy Blacklock, Gloria Sterczer

The application is available for public inspection at the Princeton Public Library, 124 S. Hart St. Princeton, IN 47670. The application is also available at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Reclamation Office, located approximately ½ mile west of Jasonville, Indiana on Hwy 48. Written comments, objections, or a request for an informal conference relative to the application should be addressed to the Director, Division of Reclamation, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, 14619 West SR 48, Jasonville, IN 47438.

4t 6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 6/29 hspaxlp


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