Details for PUBLIC NOTICE Notice of Intent to Discharge Waste Water Gibson


Notice of Intent to

Discharge Waste Water

Gibson County Coal LLC, 2579 W. Gibson Coal Road, PO Box 1269, Princeton, IN 47670, is submitting a Notice of Intent letter to notify the Indiana Department of Environmental Management of our intent to renew existing NPDES Permit ING040141 and comply with the requirements under 327 IAC 15-7 to discharge waste water associated with the mining of coal, coal processing and/or reclamation activities at the Gibson Mine. The existing mine is located in all or parts of the NW ¼ of Section 2 and NE ¼ Section 3 in Township 2 South, Range 11 West; SE ¼ of Section 34 and SW ¼ of Section 35 in Township 1 South, Range 11 West; and NE ¼ Section 36 in Township 1 South, Range 12 West. The existing mine facility is located on the north side of County Road 100N approximately 1 mile northwest of the town of Princeton in Gibson County, Indiana. Streams that may receive discharges include Saunders Ditch and unnamed tributaries of Patoka River. Any person aggrieved by this action may appeal in writing to the Environmental Law Judge of the Office of Environmental Adjudication for an adjudicatory hearing on the question of whether this facility should operate under this NPDES general permit rule. An appeal must be postmarked no later than fifteen (15) days from the date of this public notice. Such a written request for an adjudicatory hearing must:

(a) state the name and address of the person making the request;

(b) identify the interest of the person making the request;

(c) identify any persons represented by the person making the request;

(d) state with particularity the reason for the request;

(e) state with particularity the issues proposed for consideration at the hearing; and

(f) state with particularity the reasons why the NPDES general permit rule should not be available to the discharger identified in this notice.

Any such request shall be mailed or delivered to:

Office of Environmental Adjudication

Indiana Government Center - North

100 North Senate Avenue, Rm N501

Indianapolis, IN 46204

PDC February 6, 2017 hspaxlp


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