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PRINCETON—Anyone suffering from constant snoring and sleep apnea will now have a local option for catching up on some “zzz’s”

Led by Dr. Ken Beckerman, ApneaSolution is a new business focused on treating individuals who snore or have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea.

Beckerman is longtime resident of Gibson County and practiced dentistry in Princeton for 35 years as well as at the Tulip Tree Clinic in Fort Branch.

He says apnea can affect anyone, but particularly people who are older and overweight.

“What happens to people that suffer from this is, while they sleep, their airways collapse and they quit breathing,” he said. “This can happen a few times an hour or 40-50 times an hour, which can cause a lot of health problems like hypertension, stroke, diabetes and obesity.”

He said they are partnering with local physicians who specialize and diagnose sleep apnea and sleep disorders.

By incorporating acoustic wave technology, Beckerman can measure the collapse of a patient’s airway.

He will then fashion an appliance to reposition the lower jaw to prevent that collapse, allowing the patient to breath properly while they sleep.

Beckerman says his focus is going to be to take those with mild and moderate cases of apnea and give them an alternative treatment to the C-PAP machine.

“We have equipment here we use to measure their airway opening, measure how it collapses, and then we can position their jaw in a ‘sweet spot’”, he said.

“People can just pop it in at night, wear it and they can breathe.”

He said with the C-PAP machine, a person is locked into having that machine by their bedside, which a lot of people don’t tolerate.

“When they don’t tolerate it, they don’t use it, and so the apnea never gets addressed and they have the health problems associated with it.”

While sleep apnea cannot be cured, Beckerman says it can be successfully treated with this appliance, improving their level of health significantly.

He says he wants to be an advocate and get the awareness out about the condition, especially because he knows first hand how uncomfortable it can be.

“I found out I that a problem with sleep apnea and became really interested it. I also realized there was no one in the area offering these services and focusing on this singular problem.”

I have treated myself and it’s just a night and day difference. I was wanting to take a nap every afternoon and I have not done that since I started.”

ApneaSolutions is located at 109 West Broadway on the south side of the downtown square.

Dr. Beckerman offers free consultations.

For more information or to take a free sleep screening test call 812-385-2750 or visit www.apneasolutionsind.com

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