Gibson County Health Department inspection reports Sept. 1–30

These summaries of the Gibson County Health Department’s inspection reports are made public after restaurants and food stores had 10 days to respond.

Re-inspections are done at the inspector’s discretion.

Corrections noted in parentheses were observed by the inspector.

Golden Heritage Days Sept. 18:

Rex’s Ky BBQ, Corydon, Ky. – No violations

Papa John’s Pizza (Off Site), 2805 W. Broadway, Princeton– One noncritical violation no hand wash station

Super Twist Ice Cream, Linton – No violations

Dottie’s Cinnamon Rolls, Linton – No violations

Pizza Hut (off site), Princeton – No violations

Oh Taste & Sea, Patoka– No violations

Stewart’s Kettle Corn, Owensville–No violations

Grace Fellowship Church, Princeton– No violations

McCutchanville Church, Evansville– No violations

Broadway Christian Church, Princeton– No violations

Forever Friends Sandwich Shop, Haubstadt – No violations

Sirloin Tips 1, Zionsville– One noncritical violation uncovered sugar when not in use

Boy Scouts, Princeton– No violations

Heines Roastbeef, Indianapolis– No violations

Hillside United Methodist Church, Princeton– No violations

Grill Masters, Chandler– No violations

Princeton New Life Youth Group, Princeton– No violations

Tower Heights Church of God, Princeton– No violations

Country Sweet Rolls, Haubstadt– No violations

St. Joe School (food booth), Princeton– No violations

KBL & Co., Terre Haute– No violations

New Caanan Foods, Lynnville – No violations

Patoka United Methodist Church, Patoka – No violations

Pronto Pup Concessions,Vincennes– No violations

Sirloin Tips, Lynnville– One noncritical violation sugar for shake ups not covered

Twisted Toaster, Vincennes– No violations

Grannies Secret, Evansville– No violations

Conservation Club, Princeton– No violations

On the Square Club, Princeton– No violations

Kappa Omega, Fort Branch– No violations

Food inspection report:

The Brass Ring, Haubstadt– No violations

Hogg Heaven Mobile, Mt. Carmel, Ill.– No violations

Princeton Country Club, Princeton – No violations

Scheller’s Carriage Inn, Haubstadt- No violations

Oh Taste & Sea, Patoka– No violations

Country Sweet Rolls, Haubstadt– No violations

Butcher Holler, Princeton– No violations

Ponderosa Steak House, Princeton– No violations

Alamo BBQ, Princeton– No violations

Baymont Inn, Haubstadt – No violations

Pilot Travel Center, Haubstadt - No violations

Subway, Fort Branch– No violations

Spud Hut, Princeton– No violations

Sandy’s Pizza, Princeton– No violations

Fast Break #2, Princeton– No violations

OM Mart, Princeton– No violations

Fast Break #4, Princeton – No violations

Sav-A-Lot, Princeton– No violations

Grandy’s, Oakland City– No violations

Ruler Food Store #232, Princeton– No violations

Roy Lynch Honey, Princeton – No violations

Gibson Lanes, Princeton– No violations

Tiger Correctional Services, Princeton – No violations

Broadway Christian Church, Princeton– No violations

Subway Sandwiches and Salads, Princeton– No violations

Fairfield Inn, Princeton– No violations

Pilot Travel Center (Subway), Haubstadt - No violations

Pilot Travel Center 447, Haubstadt– No violations

Pilot Travel Center (Taco Bell), Haubstadt – No violations

Los Aztecas, Princeton – Sept. 23 – Seven critical violations back floor in drink room has exposed concrete floor holding moisture, caustic sealer stored above cooler holding food, back floor has exposed concrete and wood holding moisture and bacteria, employee handling ready to eat food without gloves, pan of raw chicken sitting out above proper hold temperature at 60 degrees not 41 degrees, peroxide liquid stored above clean dishes – (Auto dish machine not sanitizing dishes – corrected).

Eight noncritical violations, container holding sugar unlabeled as to contents, ice machine not plumbed properly, leaking on floor, grease trap station not on a cleanable surface, tableware not properly wrapped, mold and rotten wood by back door mop sink, three compartment sink plumbing, leaking and can’t shut off completely, large can opener soiled with old food residue and open drink container in back prep area. Warning citation issued for non-compliance of the Smokefree Air Law for signage not displayed on all entry doors.

Pizza Hut, Princeton– One critical violation using hand wash sink for other purposes.

Two noncritical violations – (Marinara sauce on hot bar not being held at temperature - corrected) Large can opener soiled

El Rodeo, Princeton – Four critical violations back screen door not closing tightly, large gap under door allowing insects and rodents to enter building, dead fly on salsa tray in cooler, chicken-beef-shrimp not being held at proper temp., auto dish washer not dispensing sanitizer.

Five noncritical violations container of batter in unapproved container, container of batter not labeled as to contents, ready to use items in cooler not covered, piece of wood on three compartment sink, and floor by back deep fryer soiled with unknown substance

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