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Kim Beck former Gemeca Inn cook has decided to run her own business Kim’s Cooking & Baking. With her business she will serve as a custom on demand cook she’ll cook whatever her customers want or if they have an old recipe they would like her to try she’ll do that. For more information or to order call 812-632-0433 or 812-753-1156.

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FORT BRANCH—After Gemeca Inn burned down last month, employees and customers have felt the loss of the historic steakhouse.

But employee Kim Beck is making the best of an unfortunate situation with her own new business, Kim’s Cooking & Baking.

Beck offers her service as a custom on-demand cook. She’ll cook whatever her customers want — if they have an old recipe they would like her to try, she’ll do that. “Pleasing customers is what I do.”

Beck worked for decades as a cook at Gemeca Inn, working her way up. Fresh out of high school, she bussed tables and washed dishes. She studied job duties so she would know how to do everyone’s job.

“I married that job,” she said.

As years passed her persistence paid off when she became the cook. Every day was a learning experience.

Beck said she loved to cook steaks for customers just the way they wanted them, and to see their reaction once they took the first bite.

When she received a phone call in the middle of the night that the restaurant had burned down, it seemed surreal.

“I still don’t believe it,” she said.

Beck said she remembers the last week the restaurant was open, it was odd that a lot of people asked for her — past owners family and people she hadn’t seen in years. There were several reservations made and people were ordering steaks left and right.

“It was like a Saturday night on a Tuesday,” she said. “It was like a reunion.”

She said there are still days where she gets out of bed and feels like she still has to go to work.

She decided to live her dream and run her own business.

Beck’s business will operate out of her house, which has food permits and has been inspected. She wants people to know she has a clean business and customer satisfaction is key.

She’ll do special events, individual, or family gatherings. She’s always loved the idea of catering.

Beck bakes, broils and barbecues “I love different cooking styles.”

She can deep fry turkey, dressing, corn, potatoes, and pie.

“A lot of people have faith in me,” she said.

Her love for cooking started when she was a little girl. “I had an appreciation for quality food at a young age,” she said.

“I love making people happy with food,” she said.

For more information, or to order, call 812-632-0433 or 812-753-1156.


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