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PRINCETON—Cataract surgery moves to the next level at The Eye Center in Princeton with a new approach offered by ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon Dr. W. Satar.

“Placing medications in the eye at the conclusion of cataract surgery eliminates post-operative eye drops use in about 80 percent of patients,” he reported.

“I believe putting antibiotics and steroids directly into the eye is better and more effective than using eye drops, because it places the medicine in the best location in the eye, where it works more effectively,” he explained.

The relatively new approach eliminates out-of-pocket costs of eye drops. “Our senior population is suffering with the cost of generic medications going through the roof,” Satar observed.

The procedure also eliminates compliance issues of using eye drops after surgery for two to three weeks.

“From this prospective, it has a great value. I used this technique at Gibson General Hospital.

“The patients loved it and have been extremely satisfied,” he said.

“I had it done on both of my eyes,” said patient Darlene Sartore.

“I had helped with drops for other people...it was challenging and time-consuming,” she said.

The decision to have the direct injection “made it very easy,” she reported.

“Anyone who’s going to have cataract surgery, I’d definitely say they should go that method. It’s much easier and I didn’t have any complication from it.”

“I had never had it done before,” Steve Pauly reported. “I was really happy with what he did. He did a very good job and I was very pleased. I can see wonderfully.

“We did one eye first, waited 30 days and then did the other. I couldn’t ask for anybody better to do the job. He was wonderful.”


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