Festival art project in gallery at Gibson General

Sarah Loesch/Daily Clarion Works from third-grade students at Haubstadt Community School currently line the halls of the second floor at Gibson General Hospital. The gallery is open for all to come and explore.

HAUBSTADT — Following weeks of work, third-grade art students at Haubstadt Community school have their mural hanging on the second floor of Gibson General Hospital.

The hospital's second floor is home to the Gibson County Art Guild's gallery. It features art from area artists and students from around the county with different themes and groups rotating in and out.

The third graders at Haubstadt Community School created works featuring the sites of Haubstadt Sommerfest and the Gibson County Fair.

The students worked in pairs and groups of three to create their pieces which were based on a topic like rides, games, food and other traditional aspects of fairs.

Ethan Crowe, Scarlett Reinbrecht and Rylee Yoder all worked together to create the rides portion of the mural. They included a Ferris wheel, roller coaster, swings, carousel, Angry Bird rides, and a wristband/ticket booth.

They each had a favorite ride, which mostly corresponded with their favorite in real life — it's the roller coaster for Crowe, but for Yoder, it was about the work she put in on a certain part.

"Mine was the carousel," she said. "Because I did almost all the coloring on it."

The students worked with crayon, for the "big places" Reinbrecht said and used colored pencils for the finer aspects. They also used Sharpie to outline.

The games portion of the mural was completed by Aaliyah Schaffer, Isabell Dyal and Rlan Daughtrey. They kept it traditional with games like balloon pop, ring toss and duck hunt.

"I picked the games I like to play at (Sommerfest)," Schaffer said.

The group said it took a long time to finish this project, especially compared to some of the others the class has completed.

They decided to draw their portion at night since they added neon lights around some of the booths.

The gallery is up and open to the public at Gibson General now. None of the students have made their way there yet, but most said they want to see it soon.

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