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FORT BRANCH—Fort Branch Community Pride Festival is scheduled for June 2-4.

Candy Yancey of Fort Branch Community Pride Festival, reported to the Fort Branch Town Council Wednesday night that the festival had a good turnout last year. To keep a good crowd, she wants to make a few tweaks to the festival.

She suggested incorporating a family bike night that would close a couple streets for about 30 minutes, a long distance bike ride of 10 to 20 miles, fireworks at the park, and changing the parade start time to 3 p.m.

Yancey said one suggestion she received was for the festival events to be closer together.

“They thought it was really spread out,” she said.

Yancey said some people were confused about how to get to certain events in different areas and some roads were blocked off.

She said their goal this year is to have rides at the baseball field and the car show at the soccer field. Food vendors also wanted to be close to the beer garden.

With moving those events to fields, electrical work would be required.

Council members unanimously agreed Yancey can move forward with electrical work.

Council member Scott Michael said he can see that Yancey has put a lot of work into the festival.

Another change the group is considering is a new name for the festival.

“Just to freshen it up a little,” she said.

Yancey said the name could be a little confusing with other festivals, and thinks a new name could change that.

She said anyone who has suggestions should visit their Facebook page Fort Branch Community Pride.

Yancey also inquired about a “Welcome to Fort Branch” sign near the well field property, with some landscaping around the sign.

She said she thought it would be a good addition to the town, and visitors, to see they’re in Fort Branch.

Council members had no problem with the request and told her she could move forward.

“We’ll do our homework to see if a scout group could do a sign,” she said.

Yancey said she’s planning to have a brainstorming session for the event.

“This is a will encourage some dialogue,” she said.

She encourages citizens, businesses, churches, and schools to participate.

“I invite everyone to share their goals of what Fort Branch could be,” Yancey said. “This is a way to get everybody connected to see their vision for Fort Branch.”

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