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PRINCETON—Habitat for Humanity is looking for partner families for two homes in Princeton.

Executive Director Greg Goodson said the local organization will acquire one of the homes soon, in addition to a Madison Street house in Princeton.

Goodson is soliciting applications to match those homes to eligible families.

Construction can’t start on the home until a family is chosen, since they will have decisions to make about the house.

To qualify, families must need adequate shelter, live in Gibson County and plan to live here permanently. Families that are chosen provide 250 hours of “sweat equity” in helping with the house, make a down payment of $500 during construction and $500 due before closing the home, take a financial class to help them handle their money.

Chosen Habitat families pay a no-interest monthly mortgage payment to Habitat for Humanity.

Visit www.gibsoncountyhabitat.com/PartnerFamily to view details of qualifications and fill out an application.

An existing home in Fort Branch under acquisition will be revamped for a partner family.

The local organization is also finishing up the new 2,400 square-foot headquarters on West Brumfield.

Sewer work, brick facade work and insulation work are on target to be completed before Christmas.

“We’re very excited about being in the new facility,” he said.

Goodson said the headquarters give the organization the space to plan and do work on future home builds.

He thanked volunteers for donations and labor. “We couldn’t have done it without them.”

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