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OAKLAND CITY—Indiana State Police hosts training at Oakland City and Fort Branch libraries to help Gibson County workplaces become better prepared in the case of an active shooter.

ISP Sgt. Todd Ringle says the goal of the course is simple: educate the public on what to do in an active shooter situation.

Ringle said trained officers will emphasize the “Run, hide, fight” strategy and focus on active response in the event of an emergency.

He said people often hesitate to say something when they see something suspicious.

“In today’s society, it is so important to treat things that sound like gunfire, like actual gunfire,” he said.

“So we will be going over the importance of reporting warning signs and red flags during the training as well.

“Through the program, we are trying to get people more comfortable and confident in the event of a shooting because the quicker the response the better your chances of survival.”

Oakland City Library Director Julie Elmore says the idea spawned from other successful training sessions.

“Other library directors we’re doing the active training, and we originally were going to do it for our staff, but we wanted to offer the opportunity to churches and area businesses as well.”

She said the training seemed like a no-brainer with recent gun violence across the country.

“No one ever wants to think something like that could happen here, but people other places have probably thought that, too. A little preparedness never hurt anyone because it’s better to have training and not need it,” she said.

Elmore says there is still time to enroll in the class.

The event is free and almost completely full with more than 15 people already signed up.

“We’ve already had a good response, here in Oakland City. So far, we are halfway filled up.”

The one hour class is offered at 10 a.m. Thursday, April 7, at Oakland City Public Library (call 812-749-3559 to register) and at 11:30 a.m. Friday, April 8, at Fort Branch Public Library (call 812-753-4212 to register).

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