PRINCETON — Gibson County Prosecutor Michael Cochren filed information seeking felony charges Monday against a Princeton woman and her son in connection with the discovery of explosive devices in an apartment complex dumpster and at Maple Hill Cemetery last week.

Princeton Police Dept. Assistant Chief Mike Hurt confirmed that Gregory "P.J." Wood, 29, Princeton, was arrested Monday on a warrant for a level 5 felony count of unauthorized possession, manufacture, transportation or distribution of destructive devices. Judge Jeffrey Meade set bond at $5,000.

In Gibson Superior Court, Judge Robert Krieg issued an arrest warrant Monday for Lorrie L. Wood, 51, Princeton, on a level 5 felony count of unauthorized possession, manufacture, transportation or distribution of destructive devices. Bond is set at $1,250

According to Hurt's affidavit of probable cause filed in both courts seeking the charges, a witness who made the 911 call Wednesday reporting a bomb at the Dike Apartment complex at 309 W. Brumfied told PPD Sgt. Jay Riley that Lorrie Wood put the device in the dumpster.

While he was evacuating the apartments, Riley located Wood in one of the apartments and she agreed to speak to police.

She told Hurt, according to the affidavit, that her son Gregory "P.J." Wood was making bombs in the 300 block of Central Avenue and that she removed the bomb from the car and put it in her purse. She said she got a ride to the Gibson County Courthouse to obtain a protective order and remembered that she had the bomb in her purse, prior to leaving the parked car, so she put the bomb in the console of a friend's car. Before entering the courthouse, the friend said Wood told her to drive her to the apartment complex so she could throw the bomb away.

According to the affidavit, the witness said Wood wrapped the the device in a sock and put it in the dumpster, returned to the car and got a ride to the courthouse.

The witness called 911 after Wood got out of the car.

Princeton Police Chief Derek McGraw located Gregory "P.J." Wood at an apartment on North West Street, within 500 feet of the West Brumfield apartment complex.

Hurt interviewed him Wednesday and, according to the affidavit, Wood said he bought fireworks from Sgt. Peppers on July 2, and taped together two separate cylindrical fireworks on July 6 at a home in the 300 block of Central Avenue in Princeton.

The affidavit says Wood admitted to taping the firework his mother placed in the dumpster, but the other firework has not been accounted for.

Hurt wrote that he was informed by the Evansville Police Dept. bomb squad that the act of wrapping the black electrical tape around the firework cyclinder turns the firework into a destructive explosive device.

Wood and her son were released from the scene and the EPD bomb squad destroyed the device at the apartment complex, but as the bomb squad was loading equipment up, Hurt received another call about a device at Maple HIll Cemetery. The device was similar to the one found at Brumfield Avenue.

On Thursday, Hurt located Gregory "P.J." Wood again in the 900 block of North Hart Street and spoke with him. According to the affidavit, Wood told him he was monitoring the situation very closely and that the fireworks he taped together were similar to an M80 type of firework. While he said he taped together the device at the apartment complex, he denied taping the fireworks found at the cemetery.

Hurt wrote in the affidavit that while he called in radio traffic from his police radio, the radio traffic would repeat on Wood's phone.

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