OAKLAND CITY—Each year the hallways of Oakland City Elementary see a variety of students, but teachers say one OCE fourth-grader is proving a positive attitude can make all the differnece in a day.

Teacher and coach Linc Oxley says 10-year-old Joselyn Brubaker is an example of how a "go-getter" approach wins every time.

Brubaker was born without the full use of her left hand.

Joselyn’s mom Sheryl says doctor’s weren't exactly sure what happen to her arm in the womb, but they believe an amniotic band may have interrupted the development of her hand.

“She has never let it hold her down,” Brubaker said. “Josylyn has a very positive attitude. She has gone to school with the same kids for years, and living in a small town, I think people don't even remember it half of the time."

Sheryl says coach Oxley, along with the OCE staff, have been supportive. She says coach Oxley has been very accommodating, noting he has made adapted jump ropes and an adjusted archery bow that Brubaker could use.

“She has always done everything by her self and is very independent."

“I met her as a kindergartner,” said Oxley. “I thought about the challenges I might have as a teacher — but I didn’t need to make any adaptations. She can do everything just as quick as anybody.”

He said over the years, he has seen students struggle with small things like tying their shoes.

But for Brubaker it was just another check on the milestone list.

“I could tie them before my sister could and she’s older than me,” noted Joselyn.

Oxley said he has never seen her appear to be afraid to speak her mind or take on a new challenge.

“Anytime I ask for a challenge or anything that might be something you have to adapt to—it doesn’t take long—she figures things out and jumps right in,” he said.

Oxley says even if someone gave her a hard time, she wouldn’t put up with it.

"She is a joy to have, but she will let you know what's on her mind for sure," he said.

Brubaker says she doesn’t feel like anyone treats her differently.

“Sometimes people ask me if I want help cutting my paper or something like that, but I can do it pretty good on my own,” she said.

She says physical education class is one of her favorite classes. In her spare time she enjoys doing flips, playing basketball, softball, jumping rope, gymnastics and riding four-wheelers.

“I’m pretty good at softball, play hockey, basketball, and my dad taught me and my brother how to wrestle."

Next year she plans on trying out for the basketbal team.

While her favorite subject in school is Indiana history, Brubaker says a medical degree is in her future.

"My mom is a nurse and she taught me a couple things, so I'm ready to grow up and be a doctor."

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avid reader
avid reader

How could she be anything less than confident? I know her grammaws. This story made me smile.

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