PRINCETON — Princeton's Common Council and Princeton Board of Public Works and Safety approved a contract for engineering services for a proposed water main replacement project along Seminary Street Monday night.

The contract with Commonwealth Engineers allows engineer Eric Parsley to begin survey and design work while the city waits for word from the Gibson County Redevelopment Commission on whether it will be granted use of $1 million in Patoka-Union Township Tax Increment Finance District revenue to perform the work.

Gibson County Commissioners endorsed the proposed project earlier this month, on the condition that the money is not available until July, and if it is approved by the redevelopment commission, the funds must be used within one year.

The council originally requested use of $2.3 million to help fund part of a $4.6 million job of replacing a 12-inch iron water main along Seminary Street that brings water from the north to the south end of the city with PVC plastic mains. The water main feeds a lateral line that supplies a water tower serving 15 Toyota suppliers.

The Seminary Street project is one of 10 city water distribution projects totaling $16 million that are needed in the city. The city is looking at breaking the Seminary Street main project into three or four phases that could be accomplished at a cost of $1.3 million to $1.5 million per year.

The redevelopment commission meets at 6 p.m. May 6 to consider the city's request, and would likely make a decision at their June 3 meeting. Council members agreed to move their regular meeting time, which falls on the same dates and times, up to 5 p.m. on May 6 and June 3 in order to be present at the redevelopment commission meeting.

Parsley told the board of works that he anticipates about 30-45 days of survey and field work, 120 days of design and about 180 days of construction if the funds are awarded. He said he thinks the work can be accomplished by March 2020.

The first leg of the project would replace line north of Brumfield Avenue.

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