PRINCETON — Gibson County residents may notice golden rocks with traditional barn quilt patterns at attractions throughout the county.

Gibson County Visitor Services Manager Kelly Scott said they have 40 barn quilt block rocks with pots, flying geese, bear claws and other quilt patterns.

“Rocks will be located throughout the county, specifically at attractions and parks,” Scott said.

Scott said locations may include the Princeton Theatre and Community Center, Lyles Station, the train depot and other attractions.

Scott said the idea came about when she went outside and a glittery purple rock caught her eye.

Scott turned over the rock to see words on the back that read: Please post to Evansville Rocks (Facebook). Keep or hide.

Scott said she checked out the Facebook page and they had pictures of people who had taken selfies with the rock and posted them on the page.

“It gave me the idea to do that for the barn quilt trail,” Scott said.

Scott said while people are out looking at barn quilts, they can also look for the colorful rocks and post a selfie on the Gibson County Barn Quilt Trail - Indiana Facebook page.

Scott said this is also a fun and new way to promote the barn quilt trail.

Scott had some help from Marilyn West with painting and hiding the rocks.

“I thought the whole concept was kind of neat,” West said.

West said it would be great to take a picture with the attractions they’re at in the background.

Scott said once they’ve taken their selfie they should put the rocks back, so other participants can see them.

“I hope they enjoy it,” Scott said.

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