PRINCETON — A former deputy with the Gibson County Sheriff's Office was sentenced Wednesday to three years in state prison after a Gibson Superior Court jury convicted him last month of a level 5 felony count of child seduction.

Daniel Greer told Superior Court Judge Robert Krieg that he will appeal the conviction. A second level 5 felony count of child seduction remains pending, with a progress hearing scheduled at 9 a.m. Feb. 28.

Greer will received 35 days of credit for time served in custody at the Knox County Jail prior to Wednesday's sentencing. He will also receive credit of one day off his sentence for every three days served without incident. Judge Krieg said he will consider a request for modification of the sentence after half of it is served. Part of the sentencing requires him to register as a sex offender and have no contact with the complaining witness in the case.

Chief Deputy Prosecutor Abigail Cox argued for the three-year advisory sentence for the conviction, which carries a potential sentencing range of one to six years in prison. Cox said that the victim in the case, who has known Greer since the victim was in middle school, had to testify in the trial. Cox said Greer was in a position of trust as a school resource officer. "A situation like this takes some of that away from parents. Their trust was violated."

Defense attorney Lisa Moody said Greer didn't plan to make a statement at sentencing. "I don't believe there is anything he can say that would make it better, so he's going to remain silent."

Moody asked for a sentence involving home detention and probation. She said Greer's entire career has been in law enforcement, first at Princeton Police Department, then the Vanderburgh County Jail, Gibson County Jail as a corrections officer and later as a deputy. She said Greer voluntarily resigned his position upon his conviction, "a big consequence for him."

Judge Krieg told Greer, "but that for the fact that you were in law enforcement, this would not be a crime in Indiana.

"Your position and the age of the victim are the crime," he said. "You have known this child since middle school."

The judge noted Greer's lack of a prior criminal record, his voluntary resignation from his job as a deputy and the unlikely chance that he would reoffend as mitigating factors in the case.

After imposing the sentence, Krieg told Greer and Greer's parents, who attended the hearing: "I think a lot of your family. You coached my son in sixth grade basketball. I don't like doing this. But you knew deep down that there were consequences."

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