OAKLAND CITY — Gibson County Habitat for Humanity is looking to East Gibson for a future build.

Gibson County Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Greg Goodson Tuesday talked to Oakland City's Common Council and Board of Works about the organization and what it would like to do in the area.

Mayor Hugh Wirth reached out to Goodson to see if there was interest from the organization in using a site in Oakland City for a new home.

Construction manager Larry McConnell and Goodson came over to Oakland City and took a look at about six sites that were a part of the blight elimination program. Of the lots left, the two felt 226 South Main Street would be a good location.

Goodson said the lot is in a nice neighborhood and puts it in a location where it would be visible to those who use Main Street. The location of a street behind the site made it a feasible option for bringing in equipment and materials without blocking the main thoroughfare.

"We are interested in getting back over here," Goodson told the council.

Habitat built a home years ago on Columbia Street, but since then no builds have taken place in East Gibson. That home is now paid off, Goodson said.

Both builds have been picked for 2019, so the Oakland City project would be targeted for 2020. The actual start date would depend on finding a family who qualifies and is interested in the home.

Goodson said the help of the community would be appreciated in that part of the process, through referrals and recommendations.

"We're very particular, I'll tell you," he said. "We are looking for people who are in need but are also going to be responsible. Those don't always go together."

The council agreed unanimously to give the land to Habitat pending verification from the town attorney that the assessed value allows for a donation.

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