PRINCETON – Three of the four liquor stores in Gibson County are expected to be open Sunday, according to employees and managers.

Maidlow's in Princeton, Sunrise in Haubstadt, and T&R in Oakland City are slated to be open the first Sunday after Governor Eric Holcomb signed Senate Bill 1, a Sunday alcohol sales bill, into law Wednesday.

"I really don't know what to expect yet," said T&R owner Craig Trophagen, of sales at the Oakland City location.

"I can see why the people want to be able to buy it on Sunday," Trophagen said, but he predicts Saturday sales could decline, as customers forego postponing buying their booze with the ability to purchase it on Sundays.

Kara Polen, manager at L&L Liqour Store in Fort Branch said that store will not be open this Sunday, due to a shortage of employees, but intend to open on Sundays in the near future.

"We are in the process of hiring," Polen said, adding that the soon-to-be-hired employee will work on Sundays.

Out-of-state customers at L&L have expressed dissatisfaction with the store being closed on Sundays, as their homestates of Wisconsin and Michigan do not have restrictions on Sunday alcohol sales, Polen said.

When the store opens on Sundays, it will likely be from 12-6, a shorter timeframe than other days.

According to an Indy Star story on the legislation, this will be the first time in Indiana history that alcohol has been sold on Sundays in the state.

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