PRINCETON — Once known for its beautiful woodwork, Greek's Candy Store was the place to go in Princeton.

The dilapidated structure at the corner of Hart and State Streets is getting an exterior facelift by Downtown Princeton Inc. with help from Princeton Community High School art students.

The restaurant, operated by the Andriakos family for more than 100 years, was closed by the health department in 2011 and the property purchased in 2012 by Kyle Johnson, who did some stabilizing work and sought a new tenant.

Tim Stransky of DPI said the goal is to spruce up the building exterior in time for Golden Heritage Days next weekend. He said Johnson gave them permission, and he also purchased plywood.

“We just tackled it,” Stransky said.

Stransky put a protective coat of paint on the building columns and Princeton Common Councilman Greg Wright boarded up the existing windows with plywood.

Stransky said as they were working on the building, people would drive by looking and would ask what was happening to the building.

It's not the first time the building has gotten a little help from friends. In the 1990s, volunteers painted the bricks of the Greek's building and other buildings on the square.

Stransky said people are paying attention to the area.

Stransky said Jimmy Wallace, Princeton Community High School art teacher, and his class will paint a mural on the plywood. He said he’s unsure of the mural concept or if it will be complete by the festival.

“This could be an added feature for downtown,” he said.

He said they hope to implement other cleanup projects for the building in the future.

Stransky said DPI's mission and goal is to make a positive impact on the downtown area. He said they’ve already purchased mums and flags for the area.

Stransky said he looks at the old Greek’s building every day since his office is across the street. He thought the building needed some tender loving care.

Stransky said they hope people will continue to come downtown or get involved with other projects.

Stransky said anyone with questions, ideas or interest in being involved can contact him at 812-385-1922.

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