PRINCETON — North Gibson school trustees conduct a public hearing at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 18 at Princeton Community Middle School auditorium regarding a proposed $1.1 million general obligation bond to fund school projects.

The proposed bond would be repaid by 2020 at a maximum interest rate of 4 percent, according to a notice of the public hearing.

According to the notice, school board is considering building and equipping a new 5,800 square feet bus barn that would include office and storage space and three bays for bus maintenance, as well as a fueling station, fencing and parking for 40 school buses just east of Archer Cemetery.

The bus barn project is one of several potential future projects explored by the school board in a working session earlier this month.

Superintendent Brian Harmon said the bus barn project solves the district's space problem with no place to park and plug in some buses. The school uses the old ag shop as a makeshift maintenance space.

Among other projects on the board for future consideration:

• A $4.9 million addition to Princeton Community Primary School North (former Brumfield Elementary) that would create nine additional furnished classrooms to unite the kindergarten students at PCPS South (former Lowell Elementary) downtown with the rest of the NGSC campus.

• A $4.9 million renovation of Princeton Community Middle School auditorium, gym, grades 6-8 classrooms and heating ventilation air conditioning system for the entire building.

• A $4.65 million project that would build a new gym, renovate the kitchen and Tiger Tots space at PCPS North (former Brumfield) and replace the existing HVAC system.

• A $4.9 million project that proposes building a new football fieldhouse with locker rooms, public restrooms and concessions facilities, a new baseball complex on school property south of the high school, football field irrigation system, new football bleachers and pressbox, soccer parking lot, football field fencing, sidewalk and lighting at PCPS North (former Brumfield).

5. A $1.6 million project that proposes building a new NGSC administration office, new tennis courts, milling and resurfacing the middle school parking lot.

Some projects could make use of the school's capital projects fund, while others could be funded by bond issues. Harmon said school board members will continue to discuss and prioritize projects, but they have expressed an ongoing priority for bringing the kindergarten students to the main campus.

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