PRINCETON – A juvenile from Louisiana caused damage to three vehicles, but no injuries, in a brief pursuit at the intersection of US 41 and County Road 100 North Wednesday.

The juvenile was driving east on CR100 North in a gray Honda Accord when he was clocked by Gibson County Sheriff's Deputy Tim Coomer at 70 miles per hour. Coomer turned his lights on and began pursuit. The driver sped up and ran a red light at US 41, striking a southbound rust-colored sedan, causing extensive damage to the front of that vehicle.

The Accord careened through the side parking lot of Memmer's Farm Store True Value, hitting a pallet of red mulch, causing damage to owner Tom Memmer's Ford F-150 and coming to rest atop a concrete post near the rear corner of the building — missing the building by less than a foot.

Memmer said a majority of his customers park on that side of the building. "We were just fortunate," he said of the fact that no one was parked there at the time of the wreck.

The driver of the rust-colored vehicle is Knox County emergency responder Adam Harvey. "I'm lucky," he said. He said a second's difference in timing could have meant injuries or worse.

Coomer said the juvenile is a runaway from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who has been missing for three days. He was taken to Gibson General Hospital. Princeton Police personnel escorted the minor to the hospital and Indiana State Police planned to perform a sobriety check after he was medically cleared, Coomer said. The Honda Accord, a purse and a gun in the car were all registered stolen.

"Airbags did everything they're supposed to do," said Coomer about the lack of injuries at the scene.

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