OWENSVILLE -- Nuisance properties were the hot topic Tuesday night at the Owensville Town Council meeting.

Stacy McClellan of C&K Partnership said she received a $300 mowing bill from the town for the Main Street property they recently purchased through a tax sale.

In December, council members agreed to charge $300 with a minimum of two hours to mow any property in town in violation of the ordinance, to clean up a junk property for $200 per person per hour or to charge $400 for a two-hour minimum cleanup.

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The previous cost for the town to mow or clean up junk properties was $150 per person per hour but thought they should be more specific with a minimum cost.

McClellan said technically, they aren't supposed to be on the abandoned/vacant property until September. They have been to the house to cut the grass and clean up the fence.

"We will fix it up," McClellan said.

She said McClellan said she doesn't want nuisance fines, if they are going to keep the property clean.

Town attorney Jason Spindler said the issue is the property will continue be a nuisance if they can't go on the property until September, and it's an abatement issue.

Spindler recommended that town council members delegate McClellan and C&K Partnership to handle the mowing and nuisance situation of that property. Council members agreed.

Town council authorized for them to maintain the property and to withdraw the $300 maintenance bill.

Council member Clyde Scott said a few concerned citizens have asked him what can be done about Dallas Shoemaker's home being a nuisance property.

Council president Daniel Kautzman said he has worked with the police department and Spindler about the issue in the past. He said Spindler will draft a letter about the issue and then get a court order to get the property cleaned up.

Kautzman said he's sympathetic, but they have tried to worked with Shoemaker and the house is a hazard to others.

"We need to put our foot on the gas and go," Kautzman said.

In 2016, Shoemaker came to a council meeting after receiving a demolition letter. He was instructed to submit a proposal and timeline for cleaning up the property to meet state code.

Council members will continue to discuss this issue.

Items approved include: Purchase of a underwater locator for $2,650, to accept bid for a service truck and a maintenance contract with Boyce/Keystone.

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