OWENSVILLE — A nuisance property owner in the 400 block of North 2nd Street in Owensville will receive an unsafe premises order.

Clerk Treasurer Kristy York said the three-page letter states why they received the letter, why the property is unsafe, things to do to maintain the property and repercussions if the property isn’t in compliance with state code.

Town attorney Jason Spindler said the owner will receive a letter served by the town marshal and by mail.

Spindler said the property owner has the option to make the property in compliance with state code, to request a hearing if they disagree with the notice or be fined for noncompliance.

Spindler said if the property owner doesn’t clean up the property within 10 days of receiving the letter, then they will receive a $2,500 fine and a $1,000 property tax bill after each 90 days if it isn’t compliant.

Spindler said after 10 days, town employees can clean up the property or the town can hire a group to clean it up,

Spindler said if the property owner doesn’t agree with the letter they can request a public hearing for the next town council meeting or a special meeting will be called.

In 2016, Dallas Shoemaker came to an Owensville Town Council meeting after receiving a demolition letter. He was instructed to submit a proposal and timeline for cleaning up the property to meet state code. According to council and community members, the house is still not up to code.

In December, council members agreed to charge $300 with a minimum of two hours to mow any property in town in violation of the ordinance, to clean up a junk property for $200 per person per hour, or to charge $400 for a two-hour minimum cleanup.

The previous cost for the town to mow or cleanup junk properties was $150 per person per hour.

Community members have expressed their concerns about the nuisance properties at town council meetings and to town council members.

Council members will continue to discuss this issue.

In other business at this week's meeting of the town counci, York said that Town Marshal Rodger Leister thanked Signs by Susie for making a sign for them at their location at the new fire station.

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