OWENSVILLE— Indiana Department of Transportation’s paving project on Ind. 65 and 64 is approved, but bids haven’t been awarded yet, according to an INDOT spokesman.

The project will direct more traffic to come through Owensville in the coming months.

INDOT Vincennes District Communication Director Jason Tiller said bids for the project were let April 5 and it’s usually a couple months before construction starts.

“The project has not officially been awarded yet, but it will be forthcoming,” he said.

Earlier this month, INDOT representatives attended a meeting of the Owensville Town Council to inform resident and council members about the phases of the project:

1. Paving will start at the Ind. 64 and 65 junction and go County Road 300 South, with that section of the highway closed for 70 days. Detours will go through Owensville to Ind. 168.

2. Paving will start from Country Road 350 S to the Owensville water tower. Westbround traffic will use Old Princeton Road as a detour. For the first two phases, only local traffic will have access to roads.

3. Paving will start from the Owensville water tower to the post office. Only flaggers will be used for this phase.

Tiller said crews will go down 10 inches in the road to rebuild the road during the re-pavement project.

He said he wants to stress to all drivers to slow down, be alert and cautious in work zones.

“We want to make sure crews get home safe to their families,” Tiller said.

Tiller suggests the public follow INDOT on their numerous social media account to have the latest updates with projects, road closures and other alerts.

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