PRINCETON — Princeton Parks and Recreation Superintendent Brent Denbo told Princeton's Common Council Monday that another problem with tile popping away from the Princeton Aquatic Center pool is a smaller area and shouldn't delay the summer season opening on Memorial Day.

Denbo detailed the three-year problem last week at the Princeton Parks and Recreation Board meeting, and told the council that this time, the popping tile is limited to a 5 feet by 5 feet area, much smaller than prior years.

He said he expects it will cost about $200 for the labor to prep the pool for a new round of bonding agent to be applied. Denbo said once the problem is fixed, it seems to hold. "It's always a new section" that pops up, he reported.

Denbo also said the problem is not related to the chemical balance or alkalinity at the pool.

Spear Corporation was the contractor for the project. Mayor Brad Schmitt said the problem "was nothing from any prior administration. It was just a bad batch of glue." He said the contractors have been willing to work with the city to make repairs.

But Denbo said "I hear the exasperation in their voice" when they respond to his calls about the ongoing problem. He said about three-quarters of the pool tiles have been repaired.

Councilman Greg Wright asked about getting an estimate to complete all the tile work to avoid another situation next summer.

Denbo said the repairs have "always been a handshake agreement" with the city.

In other business at Monday's common council and Princeton Fire Territory meetings:

• The council approved additional appropriations of $134,000 for Community Crossings funds, $140,000 for the Motor Vehicle Highway fund and $28,000 for Princeton Parks & Recreation fund.

• Council Vice President Sheri Greene revisited a question Wright asked at the April 1 meeting about when the city can expect to be reimbursed by the mayor for an unused, non-refundable airfare voucher for a Friendship City trip to Japan last summer. City Attorney Jason Spindler reported the matter was being worked out and Greene asked Monday how the situation affects the city being reimbursed. Schmitt said he bought a flight ticket through an airline and the airline would reimburse the travel agency used for the trip. He said he's waiting for confirmation of the travel agency's reimbursement to learn how much money in agency handling fees he owes. Once that is established, the city would be reimbursed from the travel agency.

Greene asked that Clerk-Treasurer Mindy Brines be provided with documentation of the arrangements.

Schmitt said he's waiting to find out what the handling fee amount is and to whom it should be paid.

• During the Princeton Fire Territory meeting, members signed a 2019 labor agreement with members of International Brotherhood of Firefighters Local 1634. Terms are retroactive to January.

PFT Chief Mike Pflug reported he received permission to promote former fire chief, Lt. Tim Speedy, to the rank of captain. He plans a reception honoring firefighters' years of service and to welcome new firefighters at 10 a.m. April 25 at the station at Embree and Brumfield.

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