PRINCETON — The party room at Klinker's restaurant erupted with "whoops and hollers" as Notre Dame Fighting Irish junior Jackie Young "aced" the WNBA draft as the number one pick Wednesday night for the Las Vegas Aces.

Anyone who couldn't make a trip to New York to watch her was glued to a television screen Wednesday night. Her aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, former high school coach and dozens of fans were packed into the restaurant to enjoy the moment.

Virtually every TV screen in the restaurant was tuned in for the WNBA top 10 draft picks at 6 p.m., applause breaking out from the moment the NCAA 2018 champ, 2016 Naismith Trophy winner, Indiana high school all-time scoring leader and 2015 IHSA Class 3A team champ stepped onto the red carpet in a royal blue gown.

The cheering grew louder when the ESPN broadcasters let others know that Young's so well-loved in Princeton that she has her own street name: "Jackie Young Way" leading into the North Gibson schools campus.

When Young's name was announced as the number one pick, things went wild, but quickly hushed long enough for her fans to watch her in the limelight again, going first in the WNBA draft.

Young has a local fan base that travels, from Princeton to Notre Dame and across the country. While many fans hoped she might be playing pro closer to home, they were elated with the moment for Young and her family — some making plans for some Las Vegas vacations.

See complete coverage of the draft news from Pete Swanson and Travis David in today's sports section.

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