PRINCETON — North Gibson Assistant Superintendent Eric Goggins reported that more than 900 responses from the public have been received in an online survey as the school district explores feasibility of random drug testing for extracurricular activity students.

Goggins said Monday that law allows a random drug testing policy for extracurricular students in athletics, activities such as choir or band, and students who drive to school.

The school district launched the online survey Feb. 11. Goggins said an appointed panel discussed the responses and looked at policies of drug testing at other schools.

On March 7, the committee will review the final data of the survey and prepare a presentation for the school board at the March 18 school board meeting.

"One question I got from the public was 'If you're going to test students in extracurricular activities, why not test all students to make it fair,' said Goggins. He explained that the students who do not participate in extracurricular activities cannot legally be drug tested by the school.

The issue of random drug testing was first proposed to the school board in January by volunteer assistant football coach Ross Key and football coach Jared Maners.

In other business at Monday's regular monthly session, Goggins noted that snow make-up days are March 15, April 19, May 10 and May 23.

NGSC is looking into E-learning programs that could be implemented next school year in order to stay away from adding attendance days on to the end of the school year to offset snow days. Goggins plans to put together a committee of teachers to look at the requirements of E-learning. "Once we figure out what the E-learning model will look like, we will bring it to the board," Goggins said.

One model provides each student with a device to take home with them in order to complete E-learning assignments. "We can't support that model at the time to provide every student with a device, so we will look at other models… We will make sure to have multiple ways for students to complete E-learning tasks in the future," said Goggins.

• The board approved an out-of-state field trip by the PCHS Biology 2 class, attending Wabash Valley Community College in Mount Carmel, Illinois, to watch an ALC restriction surgery. A PCMS student trip to Boston and New York was also approved.

• Board member Amy Bingham proposed that the board impose a $5,000 limit on the superintendent's purchasing authorization without a vote of the board. Her proposal died for lack of a second.

• Staffing recommendations approved by the board include: the resignation of Melanie Donnell as program director of Tiger Tots effective the last day of the 2018-2019 school year; resignation of Alice Johnson as a high school special education assistant effective Feb. 4; leave for Melanie Donnell starting Feb. 18; hiring Sidney Gharst as an intermediate school special education assistant; appointing Tricia Finney as PCMS math academic coach, Alex Bradley as PCMS social studies academic coach, Matt Ganter as PCMS science academic coach and Noah Velthouse as PCMS language arts academic coach; approving Kreig Christy as volunteer high school assistant baseball coach.

• The school board meets in special session at 5 p.m. Thursday at Princeton Community Primary School North's media center in a working session to review expansion project bid specifications and the bid package, and tour the new bus maintenance facility. The next monthly regular school board meeting is at 6:30 p.m. March 18 in the PCMS auditorium.

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The law should be changed to include all students whether they participate in extra curricular or not.

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