OAKLAND CITY — Portions of Oakland City were heavily affected by severe weather whisking through the county Thursday, resulting in downed trees, power lines and other damage.

A tornado warning was issued for East Gibson County around 11 a.m. until 11:45 a.m. and rain and strong winds traveled through in that time frame.

Anyone entering the area from Ind. 64 encountered debris across the roadway from storm damage to the Storage Express on Morton Street. First responders were out around 11:30 a.m. working to clear that area for traffic.

The storm also left debris and limbs strewn across the Oakland City Golf Course and flipped a gazebo onto its side, feet from its original spot.

East Gibson School Corporation released students early due to a power outage as crews from Duke Energy hit the neighborhoods, working on downed lines.

Allison Stubbs, who has lived in Oakland City for two years, was waiting for her kids near Division and Alfrell where their bus normally drops them off.

That portion of the road was blocked to traffic after a carport was blown into the street, but it was removed before the bus arrived.

Prior to its removal, Stubbs said she wasn’t sure if the bus would take a different route and she had thought about going to pick her kids up at the school. Stubbs said with phone lines being messed up, she couldn’t get through and thought they would already be on the bus before she had time to get there.

While she waited, she had to look for the family’s trampoline which had blown from her property and landed against the house of a neighbor.

The threat of severe weather ended for the area around 1:30 p.m. and temperatures dropped quickly. Rain settled in for the rest of the afternoon and was mostly finished by the start of the evening.

Law enforcement closed a portion of Ind. 64 temporarily Thursday evening, when Duke Energy crews moved in to repair downed power lines.

Friday’s temperatures are expected to stay in the mid 20s to low 30s as the area dries out, but becomes much colder.

Gibson County was under a hazardous weather as residual moisture on area roadways may freeze up to form black ice. The National Weather Service warned drivers that slick roads were a high possibility.

The NWS forecast widespread rain Sunday through Tuesday, with rainfall totals of a half inch to an inch in southwest Indiana.

Light snow is expected across most of the region early Sunday, and again late Sunday night into early Monday.

Light snow is possible across the northwest half of the region late Monday night into early Tuesday. Light snow accumulations are possible, but snow should melt by midday both days due to warming temperatures and rainfall on top of any minor snow accumulation.

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