PRINCETON — Dontray Chavis vowed Tuesday that he won't be back in court once he serves his 10-year sentence for a level 3 felony robbery conviction.

Gibson Circuit Judge Jeffrey Meade Tuesday accepted a plea agreement proposed last month for Chavis, one of four defendants in the 2014 Taco Tierra restaurant robbery in Princeton.

Chavis, 26, Princeton, pleaded guilty to the charge in February and was sentenced to nine years in state prison, followed by a year of probation. With credit for time served and good time credit, he could serve about 6 1/2 years. He will be eligible for the Department of Corrections Purposeful Incarceration program.

The sentencing range for level 3 felonies in Indiana is three to 16 years in prison, with an advisory sentence of nine years.

Chavis admitted last month to robbing the restaurant with co-defendant Christian Griesemer on Oct. 2, 2014, wearing a mask and carrying a BB gun.

Griesemer is serving a nine-year sentence for the same charge, doing his time in the Illinois Department of Corrections concurrently for an unrelated conviction in Wabash County, Illinois.

Co-defendant Jalen Packer pled guilty in a plea deal last month to a level 6 felony count of assisting a criminal. He was sentenced to 360 days. With credit for time served as the case was pending, Packer was released with time served the day of his sentencing.

Drew Denbo, the fourth defendant in the case, has a pre-trial hearing in April and a trial scheduled May 21.

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