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OWENSVILLE—Owensville Town Council continues working, after 10 months, to reduce high well water nitrate levels.

Council President Daniel Kautzman said he thinks the town should work to eliminate standing water from two farm fields near the water plant by installing a pipe that connects to a drainage ditch.

Kautzman said the state advised that nitrates can get into water from standing water from agriculture fields.

The town will buy a 12-inch pipe to channel standing water from the field to a drainage ditch to diver it from the plant.

Kautzman said the cost of the materials for the pipe could be between $800-$1,000.

He suggested the farmer, Dennis Simpson, pay half and the town pay half.

Simpson said he would pay up to $500 for the pipe materials.

The town will also consider drilling a new well, close two wells with the highest nitrate levels, and blend the lower nitrate level well with higher nitrate level wells.

The high nitrate problems surfaced in March, with levels averaging 8.4. The maximum level is 10.

High nitrate levels are known to cause serious illness to individuals drinking the water, according to engineers who discussed the problem with the council.

In other business, Owensville native Perry Davis reported that his parent’s home on Brummitt Street has almost a foot of water under it. He said the water then goes between his parent’s house and their neighbor’s then behind the house, but doesn’t even make it to the storm drain.

He said gravel was continuously put down to help the issues and now the gravel is higher than the sidewalk.

“It’s just a mess,” Davis said.

Kautzman said he and Waste water Supervisor Dean Short will look into the situation.

Kautzman said they need to get the water to the drain and fix the sidewalk.

He said the town could pay for the concrete and Davis said his family could pay for the labor if they needed to.

“We’ll get something figured out,” Kautzman said.

Other items approved:

$1,500 for the Street Department to update the old shop’s insulation, electricity, furnace and other updates

Reappointment of John English to the parks board

Travel expenses for council members to attend a state meeting in Indianapolis Jan. 19-21

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