Debunking Myths About Home Garbage Disposals

(StatePoint) Over half of all Americans have a garbage disposal. Unfortunately, many may not be properly maintained due to common misconceptions.

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The experts at Moen, a leading manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, are debunking the common misconceptions of using a garbage disposal to help homeowners keep their disposals running at peak performance.

Some of the most commonly believed myths are that ice will sharpen disposal blades, lemons will eliminate odors, and hot water should always be used when running the disposal. It’s important to understand what will help improve a garbage disposal’s performance to keep the machine running efficiently.

“At the end of the day, if you don’t have a reliable, quality machine, your care tactics won’t make a difference,” says Cassy Osborne, senior marketing manager at Moen. Osborne. “Look for a disposal with a powerful motor that operates quickly to effectively grind particles and help reduce jamming.”

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