North Gibson School Corporation gained five new students at the start of the 2018 spring semester.

Football players, track and field athletes, and brothers, Teorien, Tor'jon, Tre'jon, and Jewelius Evans, and their fifth-grade sister, all moved to Princeton Community from the Evansville Central school district within the past few weeks.

Normally a family moving into town would not garner much attention, but Princeton Athletics Director Jason Engelbrecht says anytime athletes are involved, things must be done by the book and official.

"The interesting thing about it is, it's a very high-profile transfer," he said. "So we understood at the beginning that once things become official, we were going to need to comment on the record."

Tor'jon, a sophomore is a two-time outstanding player of the year award-winner by the Downtown Evansville Quarterback Club, and was named AP Class 4A first-team all-state in 2017 as a running back. This fall, he rushed for over 2600 yards and scored 32 touchdowns, to lead Evansville Central to a sectional title.

According to Engelbrecht, IHSAA by-law 19.5 states that with a change of address the Evans's should all be granted full athletic eligibility immediately if the departing and welcoming athletics directors both give approval.

Engelbrecht gave recommendation for full eligibility, along with Evansville Central athletics director Mike Powless. The IHSAA then granted the final approval.

The decision to move to Princeton for the Evans family came when Johnell, the father of all five kids, took a posted job with the North Gibson School Corporation, working with their life skills classes at the high school.

It is no secret that all four boys will help the Tiger's athletic programs, but Engelbrecht says first and foremost it is about the kids and their academics.

"The one thing I really want to reiterate is that we have four young men, and a young lady that is a fifth-grader, that we want to get acclimated academically and socially first," he said. "And then kind of worry about athletics, and that is kind of our goal."

"The fact that they can run and throw as well as they can isn't going to change the way we go about the things we do," Engelbrecht added.

Tre'jon a sophomore, earned all-conference nods as a defensive back this past fall, and Teorien a freshman and Jewelius a junior are also expected to make an impact for the football program, but Princeton coach Jared Maners says they wont be treated any differently than the rest of his players.

"There's no question that they're outstanding athletes, and particularly football players," he said. "Anytime you get a group of kids at their caliber it really changes the scene of a program. Now again, they're going to have to come in and continue to get their grades just like any other of my players, but there's no doubt that they're going to come in and help us out for sure."

Engelbrecht, who is originally from Evansville, is happy to have the Evans family in Princeton, and believes this will be a good fit for them in all spectrums of life.

"We are excited, who wouldn't be," he said. "But at the same time, there are five kids in that family, and we want to make sure we help them get acclimated here. I love this town, it's an awesome place. You do the right things and this community is going to absorb you, and I've been impressed by that. So whenever we get new kids in, of course we want them to have as good of an experience as they possibly can."

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