The Princeton Wrestling Club wrapped up its season this week by holding its individual championships inside Tiger Arena Tuesday and Wednesday night.

A total of 109 wrestlers -- up to elementary age -- were split into four teams for the championships.

The teams were composed of grapplers from Vincennes, Oakland City, Fort Branch, Mount Carmel and Princeton.

Cory Powers was the head coach of the Watson Insurance Team.

Kyle Wallace coached the Taco Terra Team.

Kyle Reed led the New Image Team, while league director Michael Slunder coached the LSM Investments team.

Slunder mentioned he was pleased with the way the season turned out, especially the community support for the individual championships.

"It was just an amazing turnout," the league director stated. "We have received a lot of community support for our program. It was just great to see our wrestling family come together to make all of this possible."

Slunder was part of the wrestling club back when he was the same age as his wrestlers.

"This is such a great program to be a part of," the 38-year Slunder stated. "I was in this program and enjoyed it when I was a kid and it's great to see it continuing to grow strong with the support of our amazing wrestling family. That is what it all about and that is what we are, one big wrestling family."

Princeton Community High School wrestling coach Jake Barclay was an official for the tournament. He mentioned he was impressed by the turnout as well.

"I saw a lot of great wrestling from our community youth," the Tigers head coach said. "I am truly thankful for all the volunteer parents, volunteer coaches and everyone who helped support the league and helped make it run so smoothly this year. They deserve all of the credit."

The club traveled for tournaments over the last few weeks before having team and individual championships within their own club over the last week.

"It's all about the kids," Slunder said. "And I could not be more proud of all of the hard work all of our young wrestlers have put into the program."

Championship Results

Junior Division

32-pound: Rowan Mull d. Blake Deffendall

35-pound: Nora Dawson d. Sophia Gatewood

40-pound A: Rylan Madison d. Colton Memmer

40-pound B: Lena Powers d. Karter Blevins

45-pound: Braxtyn Blankenberger d. Jace Vanvleet

50-pound A: Grant Cox d. James Reed

50-pound B: Paxton Turner d. Micah Turner

55-pound A: Carter Douglas d. Gage Thompson

55-pound B: Hunter Linxwiller d. Marshawn Wing

60-pound: Kale Hensley d. Gauge Castle

65-pound: Aidyn Page d. Jeytt Fontanillas

70-pound: Kysten Newlin d. Lilly Baker

75-pound: Raylen Bell d. Drake Graves

85-pound: Samuel Humbers d. Hadley Lewis

115-pound: Keaton May d. Arjun Sharma

Senior Division

60-pound: Austen Nussmeier d. Logan Nally

65-pound: Grant Slunder d. Eli Powers

70-pound: Nixon Knapp d. James Koberstein

80-pound: Trevor Archer d. Jaylon Martin

90-pound: Jacob Martin d. Kevonte Frye

110-pound: Jaran Kerney d. Logan Paul

Light heavyweight: Hunter Horner d. Caden Newlin

Heavyweight: Connor Camden d. Phoenix Devine.

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