EVANSVILLE — Formerly-hospitalized COVID-19 survivors and their loved ones are invited to reconnect with Deaconess employees who cared for them during special COVID-19 reunion events planned for Sunday, July 25. Family members of individuals who passed from COVID-19 are also invited.

The event allow patients and loved ones to connect with Deaconess caregivers, and also allows staff members to see former patients and check-in with their progress after so many long hospitalizations.

“Our employees made many strong connections with the nearly 3,000 COVID-19 patients who have been hospitalized, as well those patients’ families,” said Dr. James Porter, President, Deaconess Health System. “We decided to create an opportunity for patients and their loved ones to meet with Deaconess staff—even months later—to talk about their shared experiences during such a difficult time.”

There will be two events, based on the location of the patients’ hospitalization. Patients who were hospitalized at Deaconess Midtown or Gateway Hospitals are invited to Bosse Field (inside Garvin Park) from 1-3 p.m.; those who were hospitalized at Deaconess Henderson Hospital will meet with staff in the hospital’s lower parking lot from 4-5 p.m.

Vaccination will be required to attend this event. Current CDC protocols require masks and social distancing among those who have not been vaccinated, which would be impossible to enforce during this type of event.

To help predict crowd size, advance registration is required. Patients and/or family members who attend are encouraged to wear a name badge or sign to help them connect with staff who cared for them or their loved ones.

More information about vaccination opportunities and timelines, as well as the event registration link, is available at www.deaconess.com/covidreunion. Patients or families can also register by calling 812-450-7000.


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