PRINCETON — Gibson County Soil & Water Conservation District recently hired Julie Loehr as the Watershed Coordinator for the Highland Pigeon watershed.

The position involves water monitoring on tributaries to the Highland Pigeon creek and using the data collected to identify critical areas in the watershed. A plan of action to address those critical areas, called a Watershed Management Plan will be written by Loehr after analyzing the data collected.

The WMP will then be reviewed by Indiana Department of Environment Management and Environmental Protection Agency. After approval by IDEM and EPA, Gibson County citizens and/or groups in the county will be able to use WMP to submit grant requests for cost-share funding in the critical areas.

While gathering water quality data throughout the watershed, Loehr will also design and carry out an education and outreach program that promotes the implementation of practices to improve and conserve the natural resources within watersheds.

Loehr said she is excited about the position and is looking forward to meeting with landowners and concerned citizens in the watershed.

The Highland Pigeon area is mainly located in Gibson County with a few acres stretching into Pike, Warrick and Vanderburgh Counties. Loehr said the public, and landowners specifically, need to realize the importance of conservation, especially when it comes to protection of our water quality.

“Only 3% of all the water on earth is fresh water,” Loehr states, “and we are not able to create more, only recycle the water available on the earth. It is important to protect what we have.”

With the Coronavirus and Covid-19 protocol, there will be limited in-person meetings for now, but Loehr is available by email at for more information or to find out how to get involved in the protection of soil and water resources in the Highland Pigeon watershed.


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