You may not be aware, but January marked a monumental milestone for veterans, particularly those of the Vietnam War. With Congress’ passing of the Defense Authorization Act for 2021, after presidential veto, three new medical conditions have been officially added to the Service Connection Presumptive List for Vietnam (Agent Orange).

To refresh your memory, Agent Orange presumptives are a list of medical illnesses and/or conditions associated with exposure to herbicides for which the VA has conceded service connection.

This is a living process that has been a direct result of continuing research and study on the long-term effects of these herbicides on our fighting forces in Vietnam. Because service-connection has been presumed, there is no direct requirement on the veteran to prove exposure.

A Vietnam veteran simply needs to show proof of service in that theater of operations and possess a current diagnosis of one of the conditions on the list. If both of these conditions are met, approval of disability compensation is essentially automatic.

With the addition of these new conditions (bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, and Parkinsonism), the presumptive list now grows to 17 illnesses. Again, because this is an ever-evolving list, it is reasonable to expect that additional conditions may continue to be added over time as research continues.

Like any of the previous conditions prior to this addition, if you are a Vietnam vet and are diagnosed with one of these conditions, I would highly encourage you to file a claim for disability. Please call me at 812-385-4522 and allow me to help you do that.

As always, it is my joy and privilege to serve you.


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