PRINCETON — Gibson County’s new land use plan and zoning ordinance got a second stamp of approval from Gibson County Commissioners Tuesday.

After voting Aug. 18 to adopt the ordinance, commissioners unanimously reaffirmed their vote in Tuesday night’s regular meeting in response to a complaint filed with the Indiana Public Access Counselor’s office.

The complaint under review by the IPAC office was filed by attorney John Molitor, alleging commissioners did not give proper notice of the intent to move their Aug. 18 meeting where a vote on zoning was approved, to the Toyota Events Center.

County Attorney Jim McDonald read a statement at Tuesday night’s session at the North Annex meeting room, explaining that the vote to reaffirm and certify the previous action was a measure taken to avoid protracted litigation, but should not be considered an admission of violating the Open Door Law.

Tuesday’s unanimous votes to reaffirm the plan and ordinance, and prior actions were made without comment by commissioners.

In Tuesday’s session

• Commissioners withdrew a $290,000 bid award for an infrastructure project for the I-69/Ind. 64 interchange near Francisco from low bidder Sega Ag Works, on recommendation of United Consulting Engineers, because the bid documents failed to include a written drug policy.

Sega Ag Works Inc. was the lowest of nine bids ranging from $290,000 to $489,787 to construct a sanitary sewer main extension from Francisco’s waste-water treatment plant to property on the east side of the interchange. Commissioners determined Midwest Mole Inc. submitted the lowest most responsive bid, of $321,856, and awarded the project to that company.

The estimated $1,011,500 sewer line extension would bore under the interstate toward a 43-acre parcel on the southeast side of the interchange, to promote development of the property.

The Town of Francisco would be responsible for connecting the line to the plant, and the developer would be responsible for extending the service from the north side of Ind. 64 to the property on the south side.

The money for the extension comes from the $1,091,550 remaining from an original $2.6 million pledge of use of Patoka-Union Township TIF District revenue about five years ago to engineer and design infrastructure at the I-69 interchanges.

• Commissioners opened bids for the U.S. 41/County Road 350 South turn lane project and awarded the contract to low bidder Koberstein Contracting, pending verification of one unit price in the bid. Koberstein bid $195,332 for the project. Other bids submitted were from Ragle Inc. ($224,809.35), E&B Paving LLC ($228,914), Blankenberger Brothers ($256,214) and Deig Brothers ($272,464).

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