OAKLAND CITY — East Gibson School Corporation Superintendent James Wilson expressed concern at Monday night’s monthly school board meeting, telling members the schools are experiencing the most COVID-19 impact to date.

Wilson said for the first time they are seeing cases not brought in from outside, but a couple cases have come from school. He said the current numbers are by far the most kids out for contact tracing at a time.

Reported numbers at the school board meeting showed four to six positive cases, with 25% of the total students out being due to contact tracing. The numbers are 72 at Wood Memorial High School; 31 at Wood Memorial Junior High School; 59 at Oakland City Elementary School; 20 at Francisco Elementary School; 11 at Barton Township Elementary.

“That concerns me a little bit,”he said.

Wilson said if the numbers don’t level off, the corporation may have to look at distance learning.

“It’s a terrible situation to be in,” he said. “I hate sending any kid home when they should be in school.”

Other businessBoard leadership was decided Monday. Steve Sevier will serve as president, Steve Schenks as vice president and Wendi Nurrenbern as secretary. Ginger Schenks will continue as corporation treasurer and Audrey McIntosh will serve as deputy treasurer and executive board secretary. Jason Spindler will continue as the school board attorney.

School board meetings for 2021 will be at 7 p.m. the second Monday of each month at Wood Memorial High School.

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