Akers earns Postmaster General Hero Award

Madison Brooks/Daily Clarion Princeton mail carrier Michaela Akers, with the support of her husband Jesse Akers, is awarded the Postmaster General Hero Award by District Manager David Jones on Wednesday morning for aiding an elderly customer who had fallen on 2 separate occasions. This award is one of the highest awards given to mail carriers.

PRINCETON— Rural postal carrier associate Michaela Akers was honored Wednesday with the Postmaster General Hero Award during a special ceremony o at the Princeton Post Office.

District Manager David Jones presented the award in recognition of Akers' actions aiding an elderly customer fell and injured himself on two separate occasions at Midland Apartment Complex.

After finding the customer on the first occasion, Akers called 911 and waited with the gentleman until responders arrived. For other mail carriers who may run into similar situations, she said the most important thing to do is "stay calm."

"It was an adrenaline rush, but you need to just stay calm and talk to them about normal, everyday things," Akers said. "We talked about the weather while we were waiting for the ambulance."

Akers encountered another incident with the same customer recently after his accident. The gentleman sustained injuries to his face, and has gone to rehab multiple times each week for his injuries.

"I'm just glad I was there to help," Akers said.

Mail carriers never know what they might run into when on their route, which Akers says is a reason why she enjoys her job.

"We do see different things every day… whether it be bad weather or the people," Akers said. "That's the cool thing about my job. Then you get to be a 'hero' for helping someone when anyone would do it."

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