FORT BRANCH — The Fort Branch Town Council approved the closure of part of Walnut Street during pickup and dropoff times for Holy Cross Preschool.

The closure, which will be between Church Street and Lincoln Street, was originally requested at last month's meeting. At that time, board president Adam Bledsoe said he wanted to reach out to the school to find out exactly what issues were occurring.

Bledsoe said during Wednesday's meeting that the concern is centralized to the times of dropoff and pickup. After some discussion, the board found that parents are parking on the south side of the road. This requires drivers to attempt to move through cars on both sides of the road during that time and opens up dangers for the children.

Board member Scott Michael said he felt if the school wanted to put a cone out and close the street for two 15-minute periods, it should not be a major issue.

"The only people that are going to complain are the parents that are coming up and down to get their kids," Michael said.

Michael said if they would start to get calls with community members complaining about the closure, it would be something the council could revisit.

The suggestion was made to turn the area into a one-way completely, but Michael said he felt it could be as simple as allowing for the school to place the originally requested cone.

"I don't think we have to build an ordinance for it, drag this out for two and three months and then depend on Darrell (Parker) to go stand there and enforce it," he said.

Michael said the street is also not a high traffic area, so it would not be a major issue for drivers.

The board unanimously approved the usage of a cone to block the roadway during dropoff and pick-up times.

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