PRINCETON — Three state prison inmates serving time for unrelated cases of murder and kidnapping have filed petitions seeking post-conviction relief.

Lance Z. Marley is serving a 50-year murder sentence in New Castle Correctional Facility in connection with the 2016 Princeton stabbing death of his girlfriend Lindsey Fleck. He was sentenced in Gibson Circuit Court two years ago to the 50-year prison time followed by five years of probation, in a plea agreement. Marley has an appeal of the sentence pending in the Indiana Court of Appeals.

He filed a petition July 1 in Gibson Circuit Court seeking post-conviction relief, seeking indigent counsel. He petitions for his sentence to be set aside or corrected. alleging ineffective assistance of counsel, destruction of evidence and that he was forced into a plea agreement, according to the document filed with the court.

Bradley D. Tomey, who is serving a 50-year sentence at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Carlisle, imposed in 2011 for kidnapping and torturing his neighbor, seeks post-conviction relief in a petition also filed July 1.

Tomey, 41 accepted a plea deal and was sentenced in Gibson Circuit Court to felony counts of burglary, criminal deviate conduct, repeat sexual offender, battery and intimidation and strangulation. A charge of rape was dismissed as part of the deal. The sentence includes 10 years of probation and requires him to register as a sexual predator for life.

In his petition, Tomey alleges that he received ineffective assistance of counsel, that his guilty plea was not made voluntarily or intelligently, that the convictions involved double jeopardy and that he was subject to judicial bias and misconduct. The document also says Tomey "will be bringing other grounds as they become available in an amendment form."

Tomey also seeks court-appointed counsel for his petition.

Jason S. Perry, who is serving 70-year federal and state sentences at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility related to the 2013 murder of Jesica Tice, filed a hand-written petition seeking post-conviction relief June 19 in Gibson Circuit Court for a 2005 conviction of felony battery. In the 2005 case, he was sentenced to five years in prison with one year suspended to probation and ordered to complete anger management.

His petition alleges ineffective assistance of counsel in the 2005 battery case, and he seeks a public defender to represent him.

In the 2013 murder case which was transferred to now-retired Posey Circuit Judge James Redwine, Perry was sentenced to 55 years for one count of murder, plus a 30-year habitual criminal enhancement, served consecutively. According to the plea deal, the last 15 years of the prison time are suspended to probation.

In exchange for the guilty plea to those two charges, a count of use of a firearm resulting in death that was also filed as an enhancement to the murder charge was dismissed. Former Gibson County Prosecutor Rob Krieg originally filed the enhancement charges to seek life without parole if a jury had convicted Perry, but the plea agreement removed the life without parole penalty.

He was later sentenced on federal weapons convictions to two 30-year sentences to be served concurrently with murder case.

No hearings are scheduled yet for any of the petitions.

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