OAKLAND CITY — Starting next school year, all East Gibson School Corporation students can attend Wood Memorial Junior High and High School athletic events for free.

Wood Memorial Athletic Director Steve Kilian told the East Gibson school board Monday night that he spoke with athletic treasurer Christina Saulmon and they felt it would not impact them financially to an extent that would deter them from starting the program.

"With the little money, honestly, that we would lose from that," he said, "we look at it — we'll probably make it up in concessions."

All students will be issued a pass at the start of the school year after the athletic department finds out how many students are at each of the schools. Students will need to show the pass to have admission waived.

Kilian said students will be encouraged to also take a picture of their pass since students often have their phones, but may be likely to forget their physical pass.

The pass does not include elementary school events, Indiana High School Athletic Association tournaments, Blue Chip Conference fees, or the Toyota Classic.

Elementary school athletic events are not included in the pass because Kilian said he wants to make sure those schools still have a source of income.

Kilian said adult all-season passes and season tickets for individual sports will still be sold.

"The thing I need to emphasize, I don't think we can do this for just one year," he said. "We can't just say, maybe it didn't work out well. We have to try it a little bit."

The board also approved the corporation's new retaliation policy following its second reading at Monday's meeting. The retaliation policy states no one can have negative action taken against them for reporting harassment.

This also includes those who may participate in any investigation into such a claim.

Other business:

  • The school board authorized the high school boy's basketball team to attend the Salem Shootout in June.
  • Seniors at Wood Memorial were approved to visit King's Island for their senior trip May 17.

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