FORT BRANCH — Fort Branch Town Council voted unanimously to make an offer to an applicant for the new town manager during a special meeting Thursday morning.

Board member Rick Sides made the motion to hire Randy Wheaton, Fort Branch, as the town’s new street department supervisor and town manager.

Three interviews were completed Monday with applicants, and board president Adam Bledsoe opened the floor for discussion among the board.

Sides said Wheaton was the applicant that stood out to him, due in part to his electrical background.

Board member Sandy Birch said she agreed with that.

She said all the applicants were good, and thought each would bring benefit to the town.

“I think we need to think of what assets, as far as skill-sets we’re going to lose when Jim leaves, and what’s going to be best for us for the town,” she said.

Jim Kiesel, the current street supervisor, will be leaving his position Sept. 1. The board agreed they wanted the new person to have as much time to work with Kiesel as possible before moving into the role.

An ordinance creating the town manager position was passed and adopted by the town council Aug. 15, 2018.

The salaried position’s hours were set at 40 per week. The salary is paid with 25% from park, motor vehicle highway, water operating fund and sewer operating fund.

Clerk-treasurer Stacy Elpers reached out to Wheaton with the job offer following Thursday’s special meeting.

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