Loesch named Gibson County D.A.R.E. officer

Madison Brooks/Daily Clarion Gibson County D.A.R.E. Officer Deputy Jennifer Loesch awards fifth grader Tucker Fox with a "D.A.R.E. Dollar" for participating in her presentation on Tuesday morning at Princeton Community Intermediate School.

PRINCETON — Gibson County Sheriff's Office Deputy Jennifer Loesch is the new DARE officer in Gibson County.

Loesch, a graduate of Princeton Community High School and the University of Southern Indiana, will present the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program to school-age children to educate them with accurate information about substance abuse, alcohol and drugs. The program teaches students ways to say no to drugs while providing alternatives to drug use, teaches students decision-making skills and the consequences of their behavior, and builds student self-esteem, while teaching them how to resist peer pressure.

After a two-week class, Loesch gave her first presentation to the fifth graders at Princeton Community Intermediate School Tuesday morning.

But the morning started out with some introductions. Loesch told students about her four dogs, four cats and chickens, talked about her hobbies of bow shooting, working out and reading — and traveling to South Africa.

She told students that in the next 10 weeks, they'll discuss drugs, tobacco, alcohol and vaping — and how to make good decisions that will affect their lives.

"D.A.R.E. teaches you how to make good decisions," Loesch said to the students. "Making good decisions is not only something you need to know as a kid, but also something you'll need to know throughout your life."

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