PRINCETON — Although Princeton resident Robert Utley said Monday he's fed up with nuisance activity in his neighborhood, Princeton Common Council President Jan Ballard encouraged Utley not to give up on communicating with city officials.

Utley said motorists pay no mind to the 30 mph speed limit on North Main, and drive 40 to 50 miles per hour on West Glendale Avenue as well.

He told the council at Monday night's meeting that the speeding is worst just before school is in session and again in the evenings.

Utley said there are "drug houses" on East and West Glendale, chronic issues with break-ins and he's fed up with bad characters in the neighborhood. He said one older woman sold her home and moved out of the neighborhood.

"I just went and bought a 9 mm Glock (handgun)," he told the council. "...They won't get off my property, only in a body bag...."

Utley said police are repeatedly dispatched to the neighborhood, but he said that when the troublemaker gets out of jail, the cycle starts again.

City Attorney Jason Spindler encouraged Utley to speak with the police chief. Utley said when police are dispatched, they don't even need to know the address.

"I live near Glendale," Ballard told Utley. "I have sent the police also. You've got to keep calling them. The communication has to be ongoing to fix the problem."

Councilman Greg Wright told Utley that police officers are stationed along North Main before and after school to monitor traffic speeds, which he thinks is some deterrent. He said the police department also recently got a speed monitoring device that can be moved around to different neighborhoods. As vehicles approach, the speed is displayed on the device.

Andy Kennard, who also lives in the neighborhood, told the council he's concerned about buildings that aren't safe. He said people are living in houses with no water service activated and in another case, a house used as apartments doesn't have safe electrical service.

He said there's also a residential building in the 800 block of North Main being used as a day care, and asked whether it's operating in keeping with the city's zoning ordinances.

Council members asked Utley and Kennard to provide the information so they can share their building concerns with Princeton Building Commissioner Clinton Smith.

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