PRINCETON — The North Gibson school board agreed to advertise for bids to construct a new press box and bleacher project for Tiger Stadium and new tennis courts.

The press box is proposed at 480 square feet, the maximum size allowed by code without requiring an elevator. The design has two windows side-by-side (six feet in length) and a counter that folds down against the wall on the side facing the soccer field. The roof of the new design will not be covered and will have a chain-link fence around its perimeter.

New bleachers, more railing and handicap accessible seating is planned to accommodate 18,028 people.

During the December board meeting, the tennis court project, the second of the approved advertisement for bids, was described as new courts and fencing. The nets and lights will remain the same.

This fall, school trustees spent slightly more than $7,000 to keep the Princeton Community High School tennis courts in playable condition until the remodeling began for the project.

The projects will be advertised for bid this month, with a pre-bid conference set for Jan. 22 and Feb. 13 as the date to receive bids.

Other business:

The board approved out-of-state field trips for three groups. The FFA will travel to Louisville, Kentucky Feb. 12 and Princeton Community High School and Junior High Chorale Group will travel to Murray State University Feb. 25.

Meeting dates and times will remain this same for the board this year, 6:30 p.m. on the third Monday of each month.

Reorganizing in their first meeting of 2020, the board re-elected Mike Ice as president; Kreig Christy as vice president; and Amy Bingham as secretary.

Board appointments were Jerica Davis, treasurer; Nancy Leukhardt, deputy treasurer; Leon Stone, corporation attorney; Amy Stough, school safety specialist; Eric Goggins, attendance officer and small claims officer.

The board also approved member compensation at the same amounts used during the 2019 calendar year by a vote of 3-2. During the January 2019 meeting, compensation was adjusted to include a per diem of $112 for regular sessions and $62 for special sessions and executive sessions in addition to the $2,000 yearly stipend. Board members Mark Iunghuhn and Travis Nolcox voted against the motion again this year, with Mike Ice, Amy Bingham and Kreig Christy voting yes.

The board unanimously approved the $2,100 quarterly payment for corporation attorney Leon Stone.

Standing Ovation award winners were announced as co-recipients this month for the teacher award. The staff at PCHS selected both Dina Shipley and Laura Dimmett. Lisa Reynolds was chosen as the support staff recipient for PCHS.

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