PRINCETON — North Gibson school board members ratified the paid administrative leave of Princeton Community High School English teacher Gary Kinswa Aug. 12-Sept. 3 and terminated Kinswa's teaching contract Tuesday night.

Supt. Brian Harmon said Kinswa was placed on paid leave during a preliminary investigation into allegations of misconduct and the school district referred the matter to local police in mid-August.

Harmon reported that Kinswa was given notice of his contract termination Aug. 15, pending the final approval by the school board. Harmon provided Kinswa with the notice of his ability to due process rights, and to have a conference with Harmon. Harmon said Kinswa did not choose to have the conference.

In other staffing actions taken at Tuesday night's school baord meeting, members approved:

  • Resignations of PCHS special education assistants Alizah Cannon and Ashley Neice; Princeton Community Intermediate School special education assistant Samantha Lucas; Princeton Community Middle School special education assistant Rhiannon Bishop and Princeton Community Primary School special education assistant Felecia Pharris.
  • The new hires of PCPS special education pre-school assistant Elen Childress; PCPS instructional assistant Lauren Laine; PCHS education assistant Katie Chamberlain; PCHS education assistant Tony Walker; PCPS computer specialist Megan Tepovich; PCPS long-term second-grade substitute teacher Brittney Smith and PCHS long-term English substitute teacher Mike Sandifar.
  • The transfer of Amy McClellan from PCIS instructional assistant to PCIS special education assistant.
  • The leave of absence of PCPS nurse Diane Shackelford.

In other business, NGSC Assistant Superintendent Eric Goggins shared an update on the teacher appreciation grant provided by the state for additional compensation for teachers who are rated effective or highly effective.

"On July 1, there were some changes that were allowable by legislation for the teacher appreciation grant," Goggins shared. "The legislation now allows us to take 20% of the total funds awarded and award those first to teachers within one to five years of teaching, and then distribute the remaining dollars to teachers with more than five years who are rated effective or highly effective."

Goggins explained that after discussion with the teacher association, they are not wanting to take the option of providing 20% additional compensation to teachers in their first through fifth year of teaching.

"We will continue with the policy we had before, which is if you're rated effective or highly effective, you are eligible," Goggins said. Highly effective-rated teachers get 25% additional compensation.

After discussion, the board approved the policy stating NGSC will not be doing the additional 20%, and to wave the second reading of the policy in order to submit it to the Indiana Department of Education by Sept. 13 to be eligible to receive the funds.

The next regular meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 16 in the PCMS auditorium.

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